Sunday, July 6, 2008

‘Indians Not Marginalised’…and Elephants Can Fly

Malaysiakini recently reported that “MIC leader Dr S Subramaniam has described the series of measures unveiled by the government recently to help the Indian community as a sign that it never marginalised the community.

On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak has announced several policies to help uplift the community’s opportunity in the fields of education, business and civil service.”

To be precise, Subramaniam – who is the MIC secretary-general - is quoted in the same Malaysiakini article as saying: “As a responsible government, not only has it responded to the message (by voters), it also sent the message back to the community that ‘look here, we never intended to marginalise you’.”

So, let me see, Subramaniam would like us to believe that because the UMNO led regime has thrown a few scraps to the petty MIC party, we are now to believe that it is evidence that ‘it never marginalised the [Indian] community.’ Sure, Subramaniam, count on it; we believe you…and we believe Samy Vellu is the best man to re-organise the MIC, and his son was the most qualified person to be the chairman of Maika Holdings…and elephants can fly.

I’m not sure what kind of a doctor you are, Subramaniam, but you sure could exhibit a little more respect for our intelligence as citizens. It is one thing if you’re willing to put yourself out in public with such asinine statements and embarrass yourself. But please do not patronise us like this and insult our intelligence – much the same way we have seen your ‘democratically elected’ party leader do with his own slew of daft comments.

Sure, there is a sheer entertainment value to such comments from you and your elk in the MIC. Mind you, it has taken me a while to appreciate the fact that rather than only get annoyed at you people for repeatedly insulting our intelligence, perhaps I can also laugh at the kind of folly displayed by you characters in the MIC. But let me tell you, secretary-general, it is also the case that many, many Malaysians will simply not continue to take people like you seriously.

Let me take this most recent example and give you a clue why we can’t take you all seriously anymore. Here we have you telling us that based on some short list of provisions being made by the government to appease the Indians, it becomes undeniable evidence that the government had no intention of marginalising us. Perhaps you could first consider the absurdity of your logic! The more I think about what you expect us to believe, the more frustrated I get about your sheer contempt for our capacity to reason, evaluate and to interpret reality. I won’t even go into the list of grievances I could enunciate – and which would fill pages – to show the utter disrespect and contempt for Indians shown by this regime, including your MIC. And you expect us, based on a few apparent measures put forth to appease Indians’ frustrations, alienation, and marginalisation, to believe that the UMNO regime did not marginalise Indians and had no intentions as such.

Let me suggest to you, Subramaniam, that you, Samy Vellu, and the rest of your circus of MIC clowns just go right along with your so-called ‘responsible government.’ You are doing wonders for opening the eyes of so many Malaysians by plainly exhibiting to us the utter contempt you all have for our sensibilities, our intelligence, and our genuine concerns. Continue to indulge in your race-based communal politics, and your transparently desperate ploys. The next general elections could not come too soon.

G. Krishnan