Saturday, September 27, 2008

Anwar and Khairy at pasar malam

Imagine Anwar runs into Khairy one evening at pasar malam. As much as they’d prefer not to engage with the other, they coincidentally find themselves standing right next to each other while ordering some air tebu from a hawker:

Khairy (with a fake smile on his face): Oh, apa khabar, Dato’ Seri?
Anwar: Oh, baik. And you?
Khairy: Okay, la.
Anwar: how’s the family doing?
Khairy: Good…very good!
Anwar: Doing some shopping, ya?
Khairy: Ya…you know, and just makan angin also la.
Anwar: I saw on Malaysiakini your comments that you’re being sabotaged, ah?
Khairy: Oh, ya…
Anwar (with a grin on his face and sounding sympathetic): Well, you know I can tell you a few things myself about being sabotaged. Believe it or not, I’ve actually been on the receiving end of some massive sabotage activities. But let me tell you something else: you know, sometimes what goes around, comes around.
Kahiry (feeling all the more awkward about the moment, reciprocates with another forced grin and mutters): Ah…ya….
Anwar: Well, son, as you know, Umno politics does get rather dirty from time to time, doesn’t it?
Khairy: I guess so…this is a really tough race, as you can imagine.
Anwar: Well, I’m sure you’ve seen how one’s adversaries can often get ruthless – sometimes they even try to bury you…you know, politically speaking, of course. In fact, I recall you uttered some line to that affect during the Permatang Pauh campaign against me, right?
Khairy: Well….
(There’s an awkward silence).
Anwar: Anyway, I’ve got to be going. Enjoy your evening, and good luck with the sabotage problem. Oh, and tell your father-in-law I’ll be in touch soon.
Khairy: Oh, okay…ya, thanks.

They turn away and walk off in the opposite direction from each other.
G. Krishnan