Thursday, September 11, 2008

A postcard from Taiwan

[Did I mention, this is just an imaginary postcard? But make what you will of its content.]

Dear Anwar,

Sorry about this unexpected turn of events. Who would have thought that my BN leadership would come up with this scheme to mess up your ‘take over’ plan for 16/9.

You know, in hindsight, maybe you should not have made such a big splash about the date. Well, you see, what I mean is: what would have been wrong with simply having kept Pak Lah and Najib guessing? For one, there would have been more suspense and drama. But of course, more importantly, they would not have been able to do very much if we had just sprung this defection on them one morning and taken them by surprise.

Instead, I find myself on a ‘field-trip’! Ridiculous, I tell you. Really susah lah. This is nothing but a waste of time and money. Even my school field-trips were more fun than this, man. I mean don’t get me wrong, you see. It is nice to be pampered and all – I mean once in a while, okay la. We have been having good meals and the flight over was also nice. But seriously, you know we’re not going to get much of the people’s work done over here.

Anyway, back to what I was saying earlier…I know maybe you and the Pakatan leadership have your reasons for announcing the date and all, but now I hope you have a good follow-up to deal with this situation. There is a part of me that suspects that you all are smart enough to have suspected that if you publicly declared the date when MPs would defect, surely you will get the BN leadership to react. Maybe this was a trap you fellows had all along set for the BN. You know what I mean, ah? Like a decoy, lah! So if that is the case, it looks like these BN bunch have taken the bait. But like others, I am wondering now what?

I also realise you fellows cannot go on giving your word, always saying ‘we’re on track,’ or ‘we have the numbers,’ and expect the people to keep on believing. We cannot keep moving the goal post every time and expect our supporters or the public in general to keep believing us. They will also lose patience. But I think you all must have also taken stock of this scenario. I mean after all you all are veteran politicians, right?

Okay, la. I have to get back to our group – we’re going on a tour shortly.

Hidup Malaysia!

A restless BN MP