Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey Teresa, thumbs up on the Punjabi suit!

Teresa Kok, thank you for sharing the photos of you in a Punjabi suit while doing the rounds at open houses and at the Sikh temple in PJ. Far from being a national security threat who should be sent away to Kamunting, you’re a wonderful role model and an inspiration. Other politicians could learn a lot from your actions – though they might fall well short of looking as natural as you do in the Punjabi outfit. Come to think of it, some others look so bad in it they ought to be arrested for wearing one! [For those without a sense of humour, that's a joke.]

You epitomise all that is good about genuine multiculturalism – unlike so many other politicians who just frequently bombard us with lip service about our multiculturalism.

As you’re such a natural in the outfit, it might be a great choice for one of your days at the Dewan Rakyat!

By the way, I hope you got to try the chapattis at the Gurudwara!

G. Krishnan