Saturday, October 18, 2008

'UMNO is not a bully'

But an UMNO member can throw a fit and act out the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ attitude, and maybe he will get suspended from the party – after having had a chance to discuss the matter with the prime minister. And mind you, this UMNO member is not arrested under ISA or even banished from the party. On the contrary, the prime minister finds a way to deny that the former is a racist; and UMNO is not a bully.

An UMNO member can make a racist comment in a state assembly about members of another ethnic group and the individual is not publicly rebuked by the president of the party; but UMNO is not a bully.

UMNO’s leadership can brandish the keris and speak about bathing it in the blood of the Chinese. There's no need for the ISA against such individuals, and UMNO is not a bully. 

An UMNO member and son-in-law of the premier can make incendiary and inflammatory claims allegedly claiming that “non-bumiputeras have taken away the bumiputeras’ privileges and their quota for the (government’s) JPA scholarship”; but UMNO is not a bully.

An UMNO led government can practically act with impunity and destroy Hindu temples – time and again – while the MIC and the rest of the Barisan Nasional coalition remains impotent to stop such systematic marginalisation of minorities; but UMNO is not a bully.

An UMNO led coalition government has presided over the systematic degradation of the poor in our society, while admonishing anyone for speaking out against the discrimination meted out to non-Malays; but UMNO is not a bully.     

UMNO is not a bully. In fact, ‘we are all friends.’ Let me tell you a little secret: in UMNO's Malaysia, some friends are more equal than others.

[Stay tuned for the next UMNO general assembly.]

G. Krishnan