Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Humpty Dumpty, the Toupee, and the Wall

It has been almost nine months now since Humpty Dumpty had his great fall. In these months, he and all is men have tried to put him and his MIC party together again, but it sure looks like the going has not been quite so smooth.

Although Humpty Dumpty launched a rebranding gimmick to revive his MIC party, he and his cronies do not seem to be having much luck convincing the masses that he can deliver on genuine change. When KP Samy recently challenged the merits of the MIC’s rebranding gimmicks, it became all the more evident, once again, that Humpty Dumpty really does seem to have a serious credibility problem.

Now I suspect KP Samy had his own agenda in coming along now to cast his concerns about the MIC’s rebranding gimmick. Of course, if you’ve followed by previous columns, I’m sure you’re no stranger to the concerns I have expressed – as have others - about Humpty Dumpty’s rebranding ploy. Yet, to learn that some of the more visible aspects of the rebranding exercise have been about cosmetic and decorative changes to MIC’s headquarters, adopting new logos and such, only drives home the inevitable: Humpty Dumpty is fundamentally all about image and not much substance.

This obsession with publicity gathering manoeuvres was evident with his rapprochements toward Hindraf and in seemingly spearheading a dialogue with the prime minister regarding the detention of Hindraf members under ISA. Now, Humpty Dumpty is at it again: this time presumably to discuss the National Fatwa Council’s ruling on yoga.

Very reassuring this is, isn’t it? I’m sure just like his MIC cronies we’re all equally impressed by his leadership on the matter. Surely we could not have expected him to do much ‘to discuss’ this matter when there was a whiff – seemingly as strong as a skunk’s spray – some weeks back that a ruling by the Fatwa Council was practically imminent. Well, aren’t you impressed that Humpty Dumpty has mobilised himself on the matter?!

You have to admit, for someone whose rebranding exercise is about as transparent as a bald man's futile effort to disguise his appearance by putting on a bad – and I mean truly atrocious! - toupee, Humpty Dumpty does get his fair share of publicity. I mean did you really expect him to stay out of the news on this matter – even if all he seemingly does is hustle for the limelight after all the damage has been done? After all, we know that Humpty Dumpty is going to make about as much progress on this matter with the prime minister as any of us would by talking to a brick wall.

But then again, as I think about it, it seems rather appropriate that for someone who has been essentially preoccupied for years just sitting on the wall with his hideous disguise on, Humpty Dumpty would have to be self-delusional about not just his latest rebranding gimmicks, but also about his ability to talk to a wall.

Yes, we know the rebranding is futile, as will be his approach to the prime minister; but Humpty Dumpty thinks, as always, his audience is truly impressed.

There’s something to be said about being utterly vain - even in the face of overwhelming evidence of ineptness.

G. Krishnan