Friday, November 28, 2008

That’s My Boy, Vell Paari!

I must say I was truly impressed to learn that Vell Paari was committed to restoring the much troubled Maika Holdings of the MIC before he would step down as its chief financial officer.

I don’t care what others might say and how much they may ridicule him for the apparent mess that is Maika Holdings, but I for one feel so reassured by him. In fact, you may not believe me but I actually got so excited knowing that all will be sorted out in Maika Holdings now that Samy Vellu’s son has spoken up about his intention.

I just can’t understand all the sarcasm and cynicism I was hearing from the grapevine about what a pathetic show of arrogance and self-importance this man has about himself, thinking he would be best suited to restore what has become a laughing stock of MIC’s utter incompetence and ineptness. So many people seem also to think that if it wasn’t for the fact that the Maika debacle has cost so many investors such devastating losses, this whole fiasco would, according to them, be comical!

Can you imagine the sheer disgust some people seem to have about this Maika matter? Well, surely Vell Paari was the best man available for steering this Maika ship, right? Of course! I mean he must have been the most qualified and sought out Malaysian candidate available for taking charge of Maika Holdings. I’m sure the powers-that-be in MIC who hired him did not for one moment consider the fact that he might be ‘connected’ to ‘the boss’ of the MIC himself. But some of these sceptics even wondered isn’t Vell Paari a high school drop-out? What qualifies him for managing other peoples’ investments?

What lah, you silly fellows! Hey, I thought to myself, what has this got to do with Vell Paari’s abilities? After all, even Bill Gates of Microsoft dropped out of college, man! No big deal, lah. Surely like Bill Gates, Vell Paari is also a genius or something like that. Anyway, that is all nonsense! Sure, Vell Paari was the best man for the job.

You know what is even more frustrating? Many of these critics of Vell Paari continue to harp on the fact that having him claim he’s going to restore Maika Holdings is much like – and inspires about as much confidence as - having George Bush tell the world he’s the right man to restore the American financial mess. Well, some people even said it’s like…ah…what, like putting the fox in charge of the hen house! Now, does that make sense to you? Hmm… I don’t get it lah. See, I don’t really understand their meaning, but I could figure out from their attitude that they were not particularly impressed by Vell Paari’s recent reassurance about restoring Maika Holdings. By the way, you know, I was even more confused then. You see, I started to wonder, why did Vell Paari have to ‘restore’ Maika Holdings? Was something really wrong with how it had been managed? Aiyoo, yo…this is all very confusing, man.

Anyway, their attitude just got me so annoyed I actually got heartburn and indigestion listening to them grumbling about the Maika fiasco. Well, I just took some Eno to calm my stomach then I decided I better not pay more attention to such things. Not worth it, lah!

Let me just say, hey Vell Paari, like your father, you just keep doing what you’ve been doing. Your father has obviously done wonders for MIC and you’re on your way to becoming just as notable a legend for your leadership of Maika Holdings. He does not want to leave until he is done ‘re-branding’ the MIC and you want to ‘restore’ Maika Holdings. What a wonderful ‘family enterprise’ the MIC has been and continues to be. Yes, to hell with what most Malaysians may think.

As far as I’m concerned, hail to you, Vell!

G. Krishnan