Saturday, December 13, 2008

Beggars, Mosquito, Whatever…

Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet, ‘What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.’

Indeed, what’s in a name? Whether they’re called - a mosquito or beggars - the PPP would still be what it is – pathetic. At least that is evidently what Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz had in mind when he ‘launched a verbal tirade against PPP.’

What a sobering and revealing reminder this must have come to Kayveas and the PPP about exactly where it fits in the pecking order relative to UMNO. Shabas to you Nazri and UMNO for putting the PPP right in its place! Truly, what nerve these guys have to threaten to leave Barisan Nasional if the ISA is not repealed! Unlike what most of you might think, you’ll certainly not find Samy Vellu of the MIC make such a self-defeating threat. No sir, surely not the MIC. They’re much too familiar and secure in their place as ‘beggars’ or ‘mosquitos’ to know better not to make such silly proclamations that would land them on the receiving end of a ‘tirade’ from their master… I mean, a member of the UMNO supreme council.

Yes, you really have to wonder, what exactly were these PPP jokers thinking! And now, (pardon the use of another metaphor) with his tail between his legs, the PPP Youth chief T Murugiah comes along with the following pathetic backtracking comment: ‘Maybe our intention was misinterpreted. Among BN members, there should not be any misunderstanding. We in BN are like brothers.’

What!!? ‘like brothers’?? Give me a break, Murugiah. This must surely take the cake in terms of some of the most wretched and pitiful nonsense we’ve come across in some time. And lord knows we’ve come across some down-right top-rate nonsense!

What a truly revealing episode of the master-servant relationship we’re witnessing unfold here in this mini-drama between UMNO and its ‘brothers’ within the BN.

Beggars, mosquito, brothers…. Indeed, what’s in a name?

G. Krishnan