Saturday, January 3, 2009

Gua Ingat: ‘Apa Macam Ini, Ah?’

How about some odds-and-ends that reveal some of the oddities or peculiarities of the world around us? Well, some of the news of recent days got me to wonder about these things….

The regime has frequently insisted that it does not put political pressure on journalists and news outlets in general. Yet, at a recent meeting – held no less at his official residence - between Najib and key editors of the print and electronic media, as reported in Malaysiakini, “It is learnt that Najib had repeatedly told the editors that if BN were to lose KT, the consequences would be drastic. For the editors who have frequently attended media briefings with government leaders, the serious tone came as a surprise as they were more used to broad hints rather than a direct dressing down.”

And then the Malaysiakini article also states that “at the meeting, TV3 was taken to task by Tengku Adnan for its reporting which earned the wrath of Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Said. Ahmad has slammed the private TV station for subjecting him to negative reports since he took the helm in Terengganu."

Wow, very strange, ah? Of course this has nothing to do with putting pressure on the media, waan! Or so they tell us, la.

Recently, demonstrators – including Khairy Jamaluddin – showed up at the Palestinian embassy in support of Palestinians’ cause for, among other things, unity and justice. The demonstrators at this gathering were holding up pictures of Hamas leaders – a widely recognised terrorist organisation. Yet here at home, a group that seeks human rights and justice by practicing non-violence and holds-up pictures of Mahatma Gandhi to symbolise peaceful protest for their cause does not only not get the sympathy of Umnoputeras like Khairy, the group itself is banned by the Umnoputera regime! Apa macam, ah?

Another interesting snippet about this pro-Palestinian demonstration at the Palestinian embassy that struck me was the fact that the demonstrators themselves were chided by the Palestinian ambassador for displaying photos of Hamas members! So these hardened demonstrators and supporters of a widely regarded terrorist organisation ended up being dressed-down by a key Palestinian diplomat! Apa macam, ah?

Eh, have you ever had boiling water poured on you, ah? No la, I’m not talking about when you take a shower with warm water – and the water feels like it is boiling. I’m talking about being tortured, man! You know I saw the photo of P. Prabakar on Malaysiakini and I thought, wow, the mata-mata really gave this guy a good bath, la. Now don't forget this happens in the context of the fact that between 2003-07, a staggering 1535 individuals lost their lives while being under police custody. How come the police can get away with this kind of stuff, ah? How come no Umno or BN protestors going to the balai police to demonstrate, ah?

By the way, did you read that story about the Ahmadiyah Muslims and the fact that “the Selangor Islamic Affairs, Malay Customs, Infrastructure and Basic Amenities Committee chairperson Dr Hasan Ali had vowed to ‘bury’ the movement”? This was also quite interesting to me, you know. You see I was just wondering la, as I understand, ah, there are several different kinds of Muslims, right? For example, I have heard of the Sufis and also the Shia. Of course, there are the Sunnis as well, right? Ya, la! All these different ‘sects’ of Islam exists in many parts of the world. And they all have some differences among them – in one way or another.

You see I was wondering, you know, the constitution – and even the U.N. Declaration of Human Rights, ah, guarantees all of us the freedom to believe what we want, no? So why this problem? Why can’t people be just let alone to believe what they want and practice their religion as it suits them – so long as they do not harm others, ah? If the Ahmadiyah people are not harming others or violating the laws of the land, then why “bury” them? This is not rocket science, you know! Very simple one, but I think this is all political one!

Okay, I tell you about one more thing, can? I see so many MCA and also MIC jokers comment about the hudud issue, ah, it make me sick, man. The way these people act is like the pot calling the kettle black, you know! These UMNO servants were all quiet and like chickens when Mahathir issued the 929 Declaration. Where were they then? Now they want to talk about where is the DAP and Anwar on this hudud affair!

Let me make two other simple points, okay? First, when so many Malaysian Chinese and Indians voted for PAS in March 2008, ah, PAS’ ideology and principles were the same then also, no? In principle, the party was ideally in favour of hudud then – as it is now. Non-Malays in large numbers were willing to support PKR and PAS then – and why should they be any more concerned now? Make no sense la! Second, even if the PAS candidate wins in the Kuala Terengganu by-election, we know pragmatically PAS is not in a position to amend the constitution to implement hudud laws. End of story. So you see like last March, ah, these MCA and MIC people don’t seem to think the voters have any good brain cells, you know; they think we are all really bodoh. Never mind, la; let then think what they want. Kita pun buat bodoh saja, la!

So, how now? Well, I think it would be good if we listen to what Confucius once said, you know: Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. (Gua suka ini Confucius punya orang, la!)

G. Krishnan