Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bullets, Bucks and Ballots

What’s your preference? I assume you have a preference? Now if you are a democrat and one who prescribes to the tenets of living in a civilised community of citizens where the voice of the people is paramount, I would venture to guess that you will choose the ballot. Now mind you, I’m not so naive as to assume that all self-respecting democrats would have no regard for money. However, I’m also convinced that self-respecting and ethical democrats would not sell their soul to the devil.

But alas some do. Whoever said man as a creature is perfect. Temptation can be a rather seductive and, like samsu, a devastating tonic. Of course, we’re all prone to temptations of some sort or another, aren’t we? And given this reality, it is also the case that there are those who are low enough to stoop to such tactics as to exploit others by tempting them into conduct that both parties realise that the one being lured and baited must surely not find agreeable to do. Otherwise, surely there’d be little need, if any, for tempting or baiting the other party.

The ethics and immorality of the seducer and the one being seduced by whatever temptations become especially acute matters of public interest if the transaction involves bargaining and trading in the public’s trust. Surely such individuals who are party to such affairs are not only inflicted with serious moral deficiencies, they must also be such unscrupulous beings who should never be tolerated and entrusted with any ounce of public trust. Indeed, there aren’t too many things, I would submit, that are much worse and morally bankrupt than the violation and rape of the public’s trust.

Then, of course, there are those who exhibit their barbaric nature when they revert to bullets as a means for coercing, intimidating, violating, and raping the public’s trust.

What kind of a society do you want to help build and live in? What kind of a culture do you want to pass on to your children?

What’s your preference?

G. Krishnan