Thursday, February 12, 2009

Syabas, Sivakumar

In all the hub-hub, and rightly so, about the crisis in Perak, one story that had gone somewhat un-dissected has been the resignation of three high-ranking office-bearers of the Malaysian Associated Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MAICCI) following the absurd drivel spewed by its so-called president KK Eswaran when he attempted to clearly earn some table scraps from the UMNO/BN regime by publicly attacking Hindraf’s chairperson P Waythamoorthy and Suhakam commissioner Denison Jayasooria. 

Now comes further development that the Malaysian Indian Business Association (MIBA), has decided to ‘sever’ its ties with this Eswaran character and MAICCI, the organisation which as some would see it, he’s attempted to convert into a little fiefdom for his own political ambitions.

Where there is smoke, there’s often fire. And you can rest assured this is one of those situations where there has probably been a raging fire underway in the Indian business community certainly following Eswaran’s stunt from some days back of politicising MAICCI in a blatant and self-serving manner. I for one congratulate MIBA – and its president P. Sivakumar – for its decision to distance itself from an entity that has been highjacked and been clearly diseased and badly degenerating due to a few transparently incapable bunch driven more by a wider political agenda than by the specific dictates and mission of MAICCI itself.

It should be noted that as most Indian business leaders are well aware, MAICCI’s politicisation doesn’t end at the doorstop of this Eswaran character. As a matter of fact, the footprints lead all the way to Menara Manickavasagam off Jalan Ipoh – if you catch my drift. And Eswaran’s calculated tirade – not unlike Samy Vellu’s self-serving crusade to resurrect his image - seems to have blown up on his own face.

It seems evident now that like dealing with a malignant cancerous tumour, radical surgery is the only realistic option of salvaging MAICCI from certain destruction. Perhaps the stance taken by the ex-MAICCI office-bearers and now Sivakumar’s bold statement to sever its ties with MAICCI will help propel the ethical, conscientious, and self-respecting within the Indian business community to get behind individuals such as Sivakumar and to clean up the rot - and the sickness that has come with that rot.  

The Indian business community needs to show a little backbone and fight the cancer within MAICCI - really, any less will simply not suffice.    

G. Krishnan