Saturday, March 7, 2009

MIC: Shame, Shame, Tak Ada Malu!

A 'blatant breach of trust.' That is how SA Vigneswaran has apparently characterised Samy Vellu’s alleged approval of contracts worth RM305 million to what is described as ‘crony companies.’

Surprise ! surprise! What a revelation. Might there be more to come? Might there be more revelations of alleged cronyism within the MIC to be exposed? I’m not sure about you, but nothing would surprise me, especially when it comes to the happenings in Samy-land. We’ve already gotten a whiff of what MIED’s chief executive officer P Chitrakala Vasu has claimed about Samy’s actions. We know he’s also retaliated and branded her as “nothing more than a thief devoid of any morals and standards of decency.

Well, with our famous Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) looking into the matter, I suppose we can all rest assured that all the thieves without morals and standards of decency as well as those who may have engaged in a ‘blatant breach of trust’ will most certainly be flushed out.

What!? You don’t think so? That’s rather shocking. I’d have thought you would have more faith in our illustrious anti-corruption commission. I know, many of you will be thinking Samy has been UMNO’s patsy for so long surely if there’s been any hanky-panky, these people in the ol’ boy’s network will know how to put things right and make sure the “problems” go away.

Maybe you have a point and maybe it will all get swept under the rug. But to most of us, this feuding within the MIC is nothing very new. Quite frankly, one would have to be an imbecile to think these kinds of apparent ‘breach of trust’ is anything new. The fact is, there’s been a breach of trust for years and years. There’s been a breach of trust of the Indians’ support of the MIC; there’s been a breach of trust of the Indians’ hope in the MIC; there’s been a breach of trust of the current generation; there’s been a breach of trust of our children’s futures; and there’s been a breach of trust of the generations yet to come.

So maybe there’s been some hanky-panky in allocating contracts worth RM305 million to crony companies and maybe there’s been pilfering of the coffers, and maybe there’s been cronyism and maybe there’s been theft of public monies. Maybe there’s been negligent mismanagement and maybe there’s also been massive fraud committed. Maybe in the process, thousands of Indian families have been robbed and deprived of resources and opportunities and generations of our children have lost out on a fair chance in life.

Maybe the curtain will soon come down on the Samy Vellu political saga and maybe the crooks will get their just desert.


G. Krishnan