Monday, March 23, 2009

Smell the Thosai, 'Democracy is Alive in MIC'

MIC Party secretary-general S Subramaniam strikes again, once more affirming that the fantasy world of Samy-land is full of self-delusion. Beyond that, there remains firm and secure in Samy-land, the persistent contempt for the public’s intelligence.

Subramanian claimed, “We have to uphold the rules to preserve the party's integrity and image.” This, of course, is in reference to the nomination of Samy Vellu and his subsequent re-election as party president. And Malaysiakini reports that according to Subramaniam, the fact that the MIC conducted the nomination process ‘proved that democracy is still alive in the party.’

Well, I’m not sure about you, but I’m most reassured and impressed now that this Subramaniam has obviously shown us how democracy works. For a while there I was starting to wonder when we’ll even see any sort of window dressing, a charade, or the most farcical display to shamelessly proclaim Samy Vellu as yet again the undisputed so-called leader of the MIC.

I know most Malaysians must be so impressed indeed that the MIC has proved to all that by following its so-called rules, it means ‘democracy is still alive in the party.’ You may not be but then again, I’m sure you must be in the small and insignificant minority who seems to have this absurd view that the MIC is anything but democratic. I suppose you’re also one of those types who think that the MIC is nothing more than an organization fraught with gangsterism kind of tactics, cronyism, and scandals.

I know your type all too well. You’re the same type of people who would not believe that Saddam Hussein was re-elected several times as president of Iraq and in 2002, he even won the election with 100 percent of the vote! I tell you in that case too, his party followed the nomination process and rules of the party. Can you imagine if they hadn’t? Now, if you followed the brilliant reasoning of Subramaniam, that wouldn’t be democratic, would it? As a matter of fact, since 1980 even Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe has been re-elected several times by ‘democratically’ winning his party’s nomination. But you people… susah la! I tell you, ah, there are many examples of ‘democratically elected’ party leaders I can go on and on about. Another one was Marcos in the Philippines; remember him?       

So we need to appreciate, as the good secretary-general of the MIC has suggested, democracy is still alive in the party. We must indeed all be proud of how another one of our race-based parties is leading the way for not just Malaysians, but in fact other political parties in much of the ‘free world’ to see how democracy should work. The MIC, like Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party was and Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF continues to be, real models of democracy.

In this context, we must surely celebrate and rejoice about the great impact that Samy-land has had in spearheading the culture of democratic politics in our society.

Come on you people, wake up and smell the thosai and chutney.

G. Krishnan