Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm No Fool, la

What la you people always complaining and moaning about BN’s deficiencies, shortcomings, and even gross incompetence. You people seem to be not only of out touch with reality, I sometimes wonder if you living on a different planet from me! Haven’t you been seeing the amazing effectiveness of the regime? Just in the past few weeks, there are so many instances of its efficiency even an imbecile like me can see it, la.

For starters, haven’t you seen how fast the government has approved the Makkal Shakti party? Come on, admit it – it’s absolutely stunning, isn’t it? I mean, even Samy Vellu must be impressed with this kind of efficiency and level of attentiveness of our bureaucrats. What does it matter if the organiser of the party was someone intimately related to a group banned for its alleged subversive activities. In fact, this is even more mind-blowing considering, until merely days ago, the organiser of the new party was himself being detained under the country’s most draconian laws widely reserved for alleged enemies of the state. Now there’s progress for you! Let me put it like this la: I think the ink on his release papers were not even dried yet and BN was probably already at work getting the status of this party organised to be registered.

Now don’t you go making absurd claims and such that understandably, this new party has not only high-jacked the highly symbolic slogan of the marginalised, which the opposition had so effectively aligned itself with, but its approval as a new party has of course also hinged on it becoming another patsy in the regime’s political machinery. You see, I may be, let’s put it this way, of very modest intelligence, but I too am smart enough to realise you will simply twist this all the wrong way.

Just to convince you that this is not the same old games that BN politicians are so infamous for, take the matter of the approval of Zamby’s request for a stay order on the High Court’s determination that Nizar is in fact the legitimate mentri besar of Perak. Imagine how fast that also happened. Didn’t take long for the Appeals Court to mobilise to hear Zambry’s appeal and issue the stay order, did it? You want judicial reform? Well, now you have it, see! Of course I’m aware there are many doubters who will again spin this to their own agenda.

While I’m at it, let me also say how impressed I’ve been with the speed and effectiveness at which the police are able to break-up these candlelight vigils that have been going on at what seems like a routine basis. Good to see our police really taking seriously the concern about unlawful assembly and mobs such as these candlelight vigil gatherings. Surely as a nation of laws, we cannot tolerate such socially reprehensible and blatantly criminal conduct. Just imagine what would happen to our crime rate and how much damage these people will do to public peace and tranquillity if these vigils are allowed to persist, no?

Yes, this kind of public gatherings is a much more serious matter that the unlawful gathering of mat rempits, street hoodlums, corrupt officials, and other such social parasites who victimise others, damage public property, or disturb the peace. I would rather see our resources devoted to claming-down on these candlelight vigils. You know the old saying, ‘success is contagious – it breeds more success’? Well, this is definitely good for police morale and confidence for being effective. So see, it’s a win-win situation all around: The police defeat the forces of disorder that so threaten our well-being, and it also enhances their reputation as a highly accomplished police force. Not bad, ah?

If you ask me, all these are signs and proof positive of truly how much progress we’re continuing to make under BN.

Well, I really have to get going now; I have to contact someone in Nigeria, la. You see I got this email from a stranger who happens to be a very wealthy descendent of a former African king and he has all this money in a bank which he’ll share with me if I give him my bank account information.

Imagine my luck!

Truly unbelievable!

G. Krishnan