Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Apa Macham Vell Paari, Ada Maika?

How are things going, Vell? Ada Maika? How is your father doing? Dia ada Maika? Oh, and since you’re always so attentive to your employees’ affairs, I wonder how is Sujatha’s family doing these days? Mereka semua ada Maika? Semua masalah MIC ada Maika?

What man, Vell, we haven’t heard much lately about all the MIC re-branding business. How come the MIC has not been busy putting out more propaganda of late? I suppose with all the mess and debacle that this the trademark of your father’s organisation, the turmoil between Palanivel, Subramanian, and Sothinathan must make it feel like it’s business as usual over there in Samyland, ya?

What excellent news. For a while there I was getting worried that maybe things at the MIC might actually begin to somewhat work. Just imagine how strange that would have been – and what a shock for the vast majority of us that would be too! Well, you know, seeing that maybe your father could actually work with others in truly constructive ways – especially when he tried to make peace again with Subra – made me wonder: What is wrong? This makes absolutely no sense! It contradicts everything we know about Samyland. But what a relief it turned out to be to hear that your father was back to his old self again. I say man, for a while there he had me worried that maybe the self-destruct mechanism at the MIC was starting to malfunction. Imagine, ah…how unfortunate would we all be if that were to happen: The only dependable thing there, which we’ve become so accustomed to, and that also was at risk of failing.

Tak apalah, nampaknya sekarang semuanya akan jadi Maika!

G. Krishnan