Thursday, June 4, 2009

Care for Some Poison?

I have to admit, these days I’m typically amused when I come across remarks and comments by Mahathir which the media somehow insists on reporting. I can understand the compulsion to report his remarks as there are some who continue to actually find him not only agreeable but downright inspiring!

I have to say while I’ve tended to ignore what he says – as far as I’m concerned, he rarely made any sense – I am compelled to note just how ‘supportive’ Mahathir seems to be of his prodigy. Coming to his defense that Najib needs more time to establish himself in light of the devastatingly low public approval the latter seems to be inflicted by, simply affirms what most of us already know about Mahathir’s judgment. Like Samy Vellu and his ilk here is another ‘has been’ who, in my book, offers very little of substance to offer.

Perhaps we need to give Najib more time to make about as much of a mess and create a few more scandals of the like we saw in the ‘glory days’ under Mahathirism. Perhaps we need to do more of the same so that we create more superficial development in Kuala Lumpur aided by friends of the regime, while the poor and the marginalized around the country continue to be left in the dust. Perhaps we need to give Najib a bit more time to have a few more financial scandals like the PKFZ. Perhaps we need a few more gimmick projects worth a few billion before we also say good-bye to Najib. Perhaps, like Mahathir, we also should give Najib more time to dig-in his heels and put in place some draconian measures to clamp down on free speech.

If you ask me, we’re already on our way on this last count. After all, our police force seems very competent at finding candle-light vigils and other forms of truly threatening illegal activity. What’s the point of engaging in policing petty matters like violent criminals, purse snatchers, torture by law enforcement, abuse of power, and other forms of crimes which actually victimize the public? Indeed, what a waste of Umnoputra resources that would be.

I suppose we should give Najib more time to prove himself just as capable as Mahathir of being a dictator where accountability never mattered. Say, maybe if we’re lucky, there could be another twenty-two years of this in-store for us. Let us all heed Mahathir’s advise – once again, no?

Imagine our good fortune then.

G. Krishnan