Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Must Be Truly Stupid...

I think Khir Toyo makes a lot of sense when he claims that – unlike the opposition - BN politicians don’t scapegoat the MACC.

Indeed, the BN sure don’t seem to scapegoat the MACC or the police, do they? But then, is it any wonder since the BN cronies don’t seem to die when they come to the MACC’s office. Of course he wouldn’t accuse the MACC of anything. Why would he? When exactly have the MACC really gone after the corruption and cronyism that has robbed the public time and again? Who exactly has been tried and gone to jail for the decades of sweet deals, pilfering and abuse of public funds, and money politics by the BN?

I notice he seems to have implied that he knows what it’s like to be the subject of accusations and investigation by the authorities. Ya, right! Perhaps he needs to be reminded that when he or other BN cronies have been falsely locked up and given a blue-black eye, then perhaps he can talk what it must be like to be falsely accused. Or perhaps if they’ve been framed for sodomy, been tortured and abused by the police, been rounded-up and locked-up under ISA for political reasons, or had BN cronies mysteriously die in police custody, then maybe I would be more inclined to sympathise with his view.

When we have a MACC and a police establishment essentially operating as an extension of Umno, I’m sorry but I’m finding it really hard to take this Khir Toyo character seriously.

But I suppose I could pretend that I’m truly stupid. Hey! It worked! When I pretend that I can’t think for myself and try not to be even semi-logical, suddenly, what he says makes sense. It’s incredible how this happens – just the same way it happens when I do the same and read or listen to the mainstream media! Amazing, isn’t it?

Imagine – I have to pretend to be truly stupid for these BN people to make sense.

G. Krishnan