Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Malaysiakini’s New Look: Not to Worry

I know many of you must have noticed some of the new and subtle, but undoubtedly spiffy features and graphics on Malaysiakini’s website. For what it’s worth, I do like the emerging new look – and I suspect there will likely be more changes to come to Malaysiakini’s image.

But rest assured and be calm people; I have a strong feeling Malaysiakini is not going down the road of the mainstream media rags. Well, we know the mainstream press, for some years now, are barely worthy of being referred to as a news outlet. Reminiscent more of a shallow tabloid, the mainstream press has seemingly spent more effort trying to look superficially eye-catching rather than focusing on real journalism. You know, it seems the mainstream press has spent a ton of effort and ink trying to look appealing – even if there’s hardly anything remotely worthy and engaging published in its pages.

Now don’t take this personally, Malaysiakini, but your website was never really been the most sexy and snazzy-looking. Much like a mundane but serious-news source which gives its readership the kind of engaging, rich, robust, and hard-hitting journalism one would expect from a self-respecting news outlet, one would be misguided to accuse Malaysiakini of having a stylish image, or for being obsessed with its looks – at the expense of real journalism. But I'm sure you'd be willing to acknowledge just as much, right?

At any rate, while I have no inside knowledge of this from the management of Malaysiakini, I have a strong feeling although it is spicing-up its website, it’s unlikely that Malaysiakini's management is trying hard to remake itself into one of those tabloid-like publications.

And for what it’s worth, I give the new look a thumbs up.

G. Krishnan