Tuesday, August 25, 2009

BN Breaks Wind

For the record, I’d just like note that once again, Muhyiddin has spoken only to be proven wrong. Contrary to his claim that a wind of change is blowing through Permatang Pasir – that being the deposing of PAS in the constituency – it looks more like BN has merely broken wind.

The difference between a wind of change and breaking wind, of course, is not the least bit subtle and I don’t think Muhyiddin necessarily misspoke this time around. As much as UMNO and BN must have been really desperate – not in the breaking wind sort of manner mind you – to go down again in this pathetic manner speaks of a real credibility problem indeed.

But then that’s not what you’ll get from the so-called expert commentary (read BN mouthpieces) we are repeatedly bombarded with in the mainstream media. Recall that we were getting all kinds of smelly odor from the propaganda sources – including how it would be good to send PR a message about their in-fighting; thus a vote for UMNO would not be bad but rather constructive.

I wonder what message the BN mouthpieces now think the voters sent to them? Perhaps that we don’t trust you? We think you’re a regime full of self-serving, opportunists? Or could it be that you’re a racism peddling arrogant cabal without a clue about how to build a genuinely united Malaysia? How’s that for starters?

Hmm… I wonder.

Whatever the reasons, I guess the voters in Permatang Pasir must have also thought that the BN message was unbearably foul-smelling! Congratulations, Permatang Pasir. In my book, you’ve once again proven that you could not be bothered with a racist party which has time and again squandered opportunities to uplift the truly needy and disenfranchised and instead opted to indulge in oppression, abuse and corruption.

I suppose you can say that BN really stunk it up in Permatang Pasir.

G. Krishnan