Saturday, August 29, 2009

An Enlightened Malaysian

Here is a letter I came across on the Malaysia-Today site. I think it speaks volumes and is reflective of the enlightened thinking among so many Malaysians of all faiths.


By a Hindu

I am a HINDU Malaysian and I refer to the demo held at the Shah Alam Secretariat Building this afternoon.

First, let me say that I do not think that this group of 50 people who held the demonstration are Muslims. They certainly cannot be. I have many, many Muslim friends and they would not even imagine doing such a thing, let alone on a Friday, after prayers to the Almighty and that too during the Holy Ramadan Month.

I have known all my Muslim friends to be extremely wonderful people, very reasonable in their thoughts, very moderate and as we say in Malaysia, tolerant. (I wish this word "tolerant" will soon become "understanding" as we grow as a nation).

I have always known Islam to be a wonderful religion. One of the great Muslims that come to my mind is the Honorable Abdul Kalam, the former President of the Republic of India. His wisdom and understanding of the world and mankind certainly makes him a role model for all Muslims, and also for all of mankind. As a Muslim he was President of a country comprising of 82% Hindus. How he was loved and revered by the 900 Million (900,000,000) Hindus of India!

How can these 50 people who basically broke all the laws of the land claim to be Muslims? They are certainly not. Going to a mosque, or wearing a skull cap does not make one a Muslim. The actions of the person makes the man. The actions of the person define his or her religion. The following acts by these 50 people convince me that they are not Muslims.

  1. Trying to insult another religion.
  2. Killing a cow without the right legal procedures (animal cruelty).
  3. Chanting aggressive and demeaning words.
  4. Saying that a place of prayer of another religion will disturb their peace.
  5. Having an illegal assembly.
  6. Spitting at a symbol considered sacred by others.
  7. Making death threats.

These people obviously have no clue what countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan and many more are going through because of civil strife and infighting. They have no clue of the teachings of Islam and guns and rifles become their religion and in the process, the name of Islam is tarnished.

I am sure the police, the Ministry of Wildlife, the Ministry of Home Affairs, the State Government and other relevant bodies will spring into action soon to get these people who made a mockery of the “1 Malaysia” concept being promoted by our beloved Prime Minister, which is also the theme of this year’s Merdeka Day. These people are definately not Muslims, they belong to some kind of deviatonist cult group.

Y.B. Teresa Kok was arrested under the ISA for apparently saying some wrong things about Islam. I am pretty sure the authorities will arrest these people for belittling another religion, for disrupting the peace, for provoking racial and religious sentiments of the people and probably causing unrest in the country.

Let us all Muslims, Hindus, Christians, Buddhist, Sikhs, Taoist, Bahais and everyone else pray for the wellbeing of this beloved country of ours. We pray and respect each others' religion, we will understand each other (not just tolerate) and we will together prosper with Malaysia as a nation of United people, irrespective or race, religion, creed or caste.

GOD HELP THESE 50 IGNORANT AND MISGUIDED PEOPLE. Let them not insult any religion, certainly not Islam, which is a benevolent religion.