Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

Foolishness, like beauty, can be subjective. But then there are some instances where foolishness is about as transparent and undeniable as the mad dog or the Englishmen who’d go out in the midday sun. Indeed, as famous lyrics go, even “the smallest Malay rabbit deplores this stupid habit”

It may seem to some that there’s much foolishness still widespread in the MIC too as it looks like the scourge of caste is rife and contagious in the parochial and petty squabbles of the MIC. Oh, how things just never seem to change with the MIC – no matter how much the world around them may have evolved.

Yes, I’m elitist enough to confidently say that it is precisely the spectre of the imbecilic, outmoded and stagnant mind-set that is still pervasive and dominant in the power structure of the MIC that ensures the persistence of such a legacy of fragmentation, factionalism, and sub-communalism within its culture. Pathetic is the mentality of casteism and pathetic are the leaders who, very likely themselves grossly ignorant of the essence of the ancient heritage of caste, indulge in a bastardised and corrupted exploitation of the caste hierarchies to legitimate their power and, once again, show exactly why the MIC will never amount to anything other than a patronage mechanism.

While the Englishmen might have been foolish about not avoiding the mid day sun, I suppose like the MIC, the mad dogs can hardly be blamed for not knowing any better. Or can in fact their judgement be scrutinized?

Regardless, yet again the MIC madness persists….

Deplorable indeed.

G. Krishnan