Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Sothi Tambi, Keep the Change

I’m often amazed at the rhetoric that comes out of the MIC. In one form or another, every few days or so, Samy’s cronies inevitably have something ridiculous to say. This pattern has been going on not just for some months now it is actually something you can trace several years back.

I could cite a litany of things for you but then I suppose you could also do the same, so why bother rehashing the obvious. In a latest illustration of this, we get Sothi – the aspiring insider - who seeks to someday call the shots in the MIC giving us his wisdom about changing the MIC. If you’re like me, you probably don’t give a hoot about the MIC’s impending election for deputy president. However, this latest heap of waste about the young bringing change to the MIC warrants some reflection.

Sothi might need some reminding that for decades, so-called ‘young’ recruits have come into that organization and been repeatedly contaminated by that cesspool and those who have controlled it. Perhaps Sothi should better reflect on the MIC’s record of bringing in new blood for promoting change before he blabbers further about the young. Of course we all know the motives of his comments but it seems that Sothi has quite a bit of explaining to do before he tries to further distance himself from being a complicit insider to the current power structure in MIC.

Sothi seems to conveniently want us to forget that his apparent youthfulness – relative to his competitors – was all for not when he was Samy’s blue-eyed boy. Where exactly was his youthful vigilance and commitment to so-called change when he was reaping all the benefits of being Samy’s little tambi?

And for what it’s worth there aren’t many of us eagerly anticipating the MIC, which has become increasingly defunct and dysfunctional, to deliver on his so-called change. For an organization, which - despite all its resources - has never been less relevant, the change it will deliver in the foreseeable future will be nothing but a repackaging of the old: that is, an adherence to the Umno ideology of race-based apartheid politics.

For those of us who have this clear grasp of Malaysian politics, a new face – even if it a younger one – aspiring to peddle a failed and despicable racist ideology while selling out the rights of a large portion of the citizenry is no change.

Sothi tambi, like your current party president, I’m afraid you’re just a bit too predictable and much too transparent.

G. Krishnan