Friday, December 11, 2009

Ahh! Sedapnya…

What la, we keling people; we just can’t seem to appreciate that great journalism and UMNO propaganda requires that they make the demonization of us – those they also regard as the pendatang – a regular part of their entrée to serve up to their foot soldiers. That’s been a long tried and tested formula to enable those feasting at the public trough to continue to comfortably indulge in their gluttony.

So what’s the big fuss about a little racial insult here and there; temple destructions, a cow head paraded by a mob, the murder of Kugan and numerous others in police custody, butchering of a cow on the premises of the parliament, contempt for the education of us kelings, and so forth… it’s all part of the pattern, don’t you see? Are you surprised? Don’t you see why we therefore can have some school teachers who feel entitled to abuse their students by calling them keling?

What la, if by now you haven’t figured it out, ah, I don’t know what to say man. Even the tambis from the estates understand that it has become a sort of convention and accepted fact that certain quarters of our society are entitled to indulge in such vile practices and can expect to be treated with impunity for insulting, intimidating, denigrating and even committing violence against kelings. Not to worry… just rest assured that Samy Vellu and his band of political gluttons will surely ensure that nothing topples their public trough, for which they so desperately depend on UMNO and its machinery to cater.

And what exactly do you think UMNO and the regime is going to do to their very own propaganda machine? Shut it down? Sack the editor? Why? After all, even a leading member and former head of the party to which the propaganda machine pays homage to refers to UMNO as a racist party. (By the way, I wonder, could one lead a racist party and yet not be personally racist? Hmm… I wonder. But I digress.) So why would you expect that a publication that is a patsy of this party would be in any way not racist in its propaganda?

So keling – and for that matter, even you other pendatangs - consider yourself part of the UMNO feast – except you’re not one of the dinner guests.

G. Krishnan