Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here's Wishing You A Miserable New Year...

If you’re one of the plethora of corrupt politicians, I wish you have a miserable year getting bribes and kickbacks.

If you’re one of these corrupt politicians, I can only dream that you’re caught on tape doing one of your dastardly misdeeds.

If you’re a political insider who has always greased the wheels of cronyism and nepotism, I wish you a truly horrible year for your political fortunes.

If you are one of those politicians who has been obsessed with lining your own pockets and doling out the public’s wealth for your own family and relatives, I wish you a horrible year politically.

And for those of you who have also been peddlers of racist propaganda to promote your pathetically shallow, narrow-minded, and disgustingly divisive communalism, I wish you fail miserably in 2010.

Indeed, for those who have exploited religion and used it as a weapon to abuse, mistreat, and violate the rights of others, I wish you have a painful process of coming to your senses and recanting on your misdeeds.

In this similar vein, for those of you who continue to indulge in spewing poisonous venom in order to divide and misguide the public, while adding to the suffering of the people, I wish you have a truly horrendous time doing so in the coming year.

May the public servants who abuse their position of authority, commit crimes of violence and torture against civilians and abuse the human rights of others themselves be inflicted with a torturous feeling of guilt and the pain of a tormented conscience.

For those who have made a mockery of our judicial system, may you find yourselves haunted by the torture you've inflicted on innocent others.

For those who have abused the public trust by bleeding the country’s rich resources and ruined the well-being of the nation, I hope you get your just desert and find yourself sitting in prison.

Am I hopeful that our political system, for what it is, can help make my above wishes come true?

Well, let me put it this way: I may be an optimist but I’m no idiot.

And to the rest of you who do not fit the profile of the pathetic politicians and so-called public servants above, may you have a peachy new year - may your yin and yang be in total harmony.

G. Krishnan