Friday, April 30, 2010

€114 million

Joseph Breham, a member of the legal team from France stated that the French judicial system has clearly established that there is sufficient evidence of suspected corruption in the Scorpene submarine scandal to warrant an investigation. He has said that Malaysian taxpayers may well have been swindled in the amount of over €114 million. On the other hand, our authorities claim there is ‘no case’ to answer to in the submarine purchase.

Fascinating, to say the least, how our investigators and the independent French judicial authorities seem to be so far apart on the reality surrounding this issue. Joseph Breham and his team have come all the way here to see if any French entity or individual has been involved in corruption. On the other hand, our authorities don’t even seem to have blinked an eyelid at the apparent conflict of interest and alleged nepotism associated with the deal.

Unfortunately, someone needs to give Joseph Breham a quick lesson on Malaysian traditions. First off, he needs to understand that while the French have an independent judicial process, our far superior judicial system doesn’t need to be independent or even pretend to be independent. Second, he should know that by not having an independent judiciary, our system is obviously far superior. After all, haven’t our government already said there is ‘no case’ to answer to in this matter? There you have it! These French investigators are here making fools of themselves and their system of law and justice. I wonder, isn’t it embarrassing to come all the way here and show the rest of us exactly how inefficient their system is? You mean they can’t see what our government can see so clearly that there were no laws broken?

By the way, someone should tell these French people that what they call corruption, we call ‘business as usual.’ This is not illegal, lah. Just like vote buying, you know. When you promise and pay cash for votes, these foreigners call it corrupt politics. What nonsense. We call it BN culture. Surely they cannot come here and try to tell us what is wrong and right! We’ve been doing things like that for so long already, and has any big shot people in the government gone to jail for these kinds of things? How many billions here and there swindled but what’s the problem? Just like this submarine saga, the other cases also end up as ‘no case.’

In one of his comments, Joseph Breham rhetorically said, “I do not know how many hospitals, schools, motorway and so on you can buy in Malaysia for €114 million.” Quite touching isn’t it, to see how these foreigners seem more concerned in the prospect that we the taxpayers may have been swindled in this deal. Yet our own government, with our excellent non-independent judiciary is so sure - despite there not being any commission to look into it - that no such thing happened. But, as I said, because we have a superior judiciary system that is not independent, we really need not worry or have others be concerned about the Malaysian taxpayers. Our BN government is making sure these kinds of things are not called corruption. So if it’s not called corruption, how can the taxpayers have been cheated? See? So simple, ya.

Therefore, no need to worry. This is our system; there is no such thing as government corruption in Malaysia.

Case closed.

G. Krishnan