Friday, April 23, 2010

My vote goes to Zaid because...

He is a person of integrity.

He is experienced.

He is principled.

He is not beholden to anyone else.

He is not corrupted.

He is about being Malaysian first.

He is committed to the principle of equality for all Malaysians.

He is not out to line the pockets of his cronies.

He is committed to the rule of law.

He is strongly opposed to communal-racist politics.

I also support Zaid because I believe…

The alternative candidate is an UMNO stooge.

The alternative candidate is an UMNO tambi.

The alternative candidate is beholden to UMNO.

The alternative candidate is nothing but the next Palanivel.

The alternative candidate will be more of the same BN neglect of the poor.

Why, after half a century, should I continue to believe that BN truly cares about my well-being? If it has not lived up to its promises; if it has made a mockery of the public’s faith and trust; if it has harboured and protected racists and bigots; if it has abused our vote and fanned the flames of racial tensions; if it has been plagued by contempt for our rights and protections as citizens; why would I again…and again…and again, keep voting for them?

Why, I ask myself, am I repeatedly rewarding BN/UMNO when it does not respect my rights? Why, I ask myself, do I continue to support the BN only to find myself belittled, marginalised, abused, and insulted by its repeated arrogance?

Am I not worthy of better? Am I so foolish that I go back to the same party that is the source of my pain? Am I so psychologically crippled that I cannot break away from the BN despite its contempt for my rights?

Why, I ask myself, do I not give myself the chance for a better future? When I know that the BN will only give me what it always has – and I know I don’t like it, why do I keep rewarding them anyway?

Am I foolish? Not anymore. That is why, Zaid is my man.

G. Krishnan