Sunday, April 11, 2010

Noh Omar, About Your Apology...

Noh Omar thinks by invoking some words of historical figures such as Tan Siew Sin and VT Sambanthan, he can give further credence to, and legitimate, his racist assumptions about Ketuanan Melayu. Perhaps in doing so, we’re all suppose to embrace his warped ideas of Ketuanan Melayu and the non-Malays will see, in his view, the prudence of remaining subservient and ‘grateful’ to those of his ilk and mindset.

For what it’s worth, Noh, I’ve got news for you. Let me put it very simply to people such as you and your kind: we non-Malays don’t owe you anything – not the least our citizenship. In case you don’t know, my citizenship as a Malaysian is my birthright, not a favour from you for which I need to be indebted to you. My concern and regard for my country need not be subject to your scrutiny and does not need your approval. As a Malaysian, I am endowed with some fundamental and specific rights and privileges – just as any other citizen.

I do not owe you anything for you and your ilk did not do me any favours. You get it? You have not done me any favours! If anything, I can check-off a long list of grievances of how your warped assumptions reflected in a self-serving toxic parochialism has undermined my rights and privileges as a Malaysian citizen. Maybe, rather than espousing your distorted and selective historical facts, you can start by apologizing for all the racism and bigotry your party has practiced. Maybe you can start by expressing your gratitude and appreciation for all the sacrifices Malaysians have made to put up with you and the selective and special treatment you have extracted from us all that have involved sacrifices for millions of us.

Maybe, when you can stand in front of a podium and publicly thank the rest of us Malaysians for putting up with all the discrimination and racism that millions of us have had to endure, just maybe, then might you be exhibiting some humility. Until then, your apology is worthless and meaningless – and you can stick it in one of your body cavities.

G. Krishnan