Saturday, April 3, 2010

An ulu fellow on Hulu Selangor

I may be an ulu fellow but I don’t agree with the road being taken by the Human Rights Party especially when it comes to its relationship with Pakatan. Ironically, what the HRP is doing is leading itself down the path of the same flawed logic - and consequently paralysis - of the parochial race-based politics of BN.

I may be an ulu fellow but for me it’s about time Uthayakumar recognized the need to forge a non-race-based approach to uplifting the marginalized and disenfranchised - a formula that Pakatan is so critically trying to nurture in an environment so infested by BN-style communal politics.

I may be an ulu fellow but it’s time to see that parties such as the Human Rights Party and other such narrowly-race based parties do nothing more than reinforce more of the same thing among so many of us: the tendency to rely on and accept race-based politics as the only approach to governance. In order to change this kind of race-based politics of BN, we must be willing to go the extra step in supporting those who reject purely race-based politics.

I may be an ulu fellow but the HRP needs to understand how to become a constructive force for real change for Malaysians by supporting those who reject racist-based politics rather than another brick in the wall that supports and cements the racist style of race politics that has been practiced by BN.

I may be an ulu fellow but I will support individuals such as Zaid Ibrahim, Nizar Jamaluddin, Said Husin Ali, Lim Guan Eng, Prof. Ramasamy or R. Sivarasan not because of their race or religion but because they appreciate that Umno’s racially driven politics is shallow and destructive.

Yes, I may be an ulu fellow, but I can see that aside from rejecting the kind of abuse of power and the racially-laden cronyism practiced by Umno, the aforementioned individuals and other like-minded ones represent the future – a future that is not laced by the abject ineptitude of Umno’s enablers such as the MCA and MIC, but a future that will be defined by a commitment to public accountability, our common destiny, and respect for the rights of all Malaysians.

I may be an ulu fellow and not be as smart as Uthayakumar, but I’m sure he understands what I’m saying. And it helps when sometimes we can put our egos aside and be sure that we’re not cutting our nose to spite our face. Uthayakumar must realize that he can make far more progress with Pakatan in raising the quality of life for Indians if he partners with Pakatan to struggle for uplifting ALL Malaysians who have been neglected by BN.

The way I see it, Uthayakumar can join hands with people such as Zaid Ibrahim, Syed Husin Ali and Lim Guan Eng, or he risks making himself into an Indian version of Zulkifli Noordin. For his sake, I wish he’d not go down the road of the latter and instead be a constructive part of that process starting in Hulu Selangor.

Speaking of Hulu Selangor, though I may be an ulu fellow, I hope Pakatan doesn’t select its candidate for the Hulu Selangor seat based on racial criteria. It should select the best candidate who can most effectively represent the ideals and vision of Pakatan.

G. Krishnan