Friday, April 2, 2010

When you're bankrupt...

When you’re politically bankrupt and have no new ideas on how to take the nation forward, just adopt the innovative and creative ideas of your opponents.

When you’re politically bankrupt, find yourself looking like a government crumbling on the weight of the religious bigots, and have lost the public relations battle on the potential caning of Kartika, then just manufacture a convenient political face-saving solution to the matter.

When you’re politically bankrupt and have no vision to offer the country, play the same old record of communal politics (as in “I’m Malay first” comment and the birth of Perkasa) and become even more deeply entrenched in the politics of race and racism.

When you’re politically bankrupt and have been exposed in parliament for being hypocritical (as in the Apco fiasco), just go after those who have exposed you.

When you’re politically bankrupt, you offer up the same old excuses for your failure and prop up the same old patronage system to ensure your grip on power.

It is a shame that those of us who have the ability to reject those who are politically bankrupt and who are merely bleeding the country do not seem prepared or capable of doing so.

G. Krishnan