Friday, June 11, 2010

3 Idiots

Apparently three idiots recently rudely stormed a meeting between some parents of quite possibly the most accomplished SPM students who, by the way, were denied government scholarships and some opposition MPs in parliament.

Most news reports of the incident suggest that the three who stormed the meeting to disrupt an otherwise perfectly civil gathering were Barisan Nasional MPs. How shocking!  And here I was thinking such BN-type behaviour only happened out on the streets. You know, as in the kind of thing that happened to Allan Lim, the Selayang Councillor, when he was apparently attacked by a bunch of hoodlums in Batu Caves.

Now see, that would be quite consistent with the thug-mentality we often see prevail in may instances associated with you know which political camp. After all, we are accustomed to seeing that kind of Mat Rempit-like behaviour during by-elections, cow-head decapitating, hysterical street protests against Israeli, and such.      

But for members of the public to be rudely harassed and racially insulted in the house of parliament - and that too whilst meeting privately with elected representatives to address their grievances? I suppose this is a good reminder that there is no way to know where such signature uncouth and crass behaviour from a particular camp will expose itself.    

Apparently, one of the Barisan Nasional MPs made the following bigoted remark about the parents in the conference room: “Keling semua ini buat apa kat sini, bilik dah gelap ni, apa mereka mahu” (what are they doing here, the room has become dark, what do they want). So much for intelligent and constructive dialogue.

Reading about the above bigoted remark surprised me somewhat – only because apparently this was not accompanied by what we’ve come to expect from such characters, such as some hysterical kris-waving or perhaps the breaking of some wall pictures or the barking of profanities.       

Given the darkness that is the empty space between the ears of these bigots, naturally they were also incapable of realizing that the average IQ in the room immediately plummeted to an embarrassingly low number when these bigots entered the room where the parents were gathered.

Imagine, these are the type of people we supposedly entrust to govern.  
G. Krishnan