Saturday, June 5, 2010

Private Khairy to the Rescue

As international pressure continues to mount on Israel’s apparent heavy-handed response some days ago to the flotilla that tried to sail into Gaza, we have seen a range of responses from various quarters directed at Israel. Even as we continue to anticipate the consequences of the fallout from that tragic incident, another showdown between Israeli forces and another flotilla is unfolding in the Mediterranean as another ship purportedly carrying aid is intercepted. 

Surely, after what transpired during our local demonstrations against Israeli’s actions with the last flotilla, the admonitions and warnings in the charged comments by Khairy Jamaluddin will ring loud in the ears of the Israeli authorities as they weigh their options on how to confront the impending situation.

Surely having such words coming from such a highly skilled and trained soldier must give the Israeli forces real shivers. After all, Khairy would be coming to the rescue of the residents of Gaza and spearhead the demise of the Israeli regime. The terrorist organisation Hamas could not do it and the clandestine operations for years from southern Lebanon could not defeat the Israeli regime. Indeed, even the 1967 Arab invasion of Israel ended up as a political and military catastrophe for the Palestinians. But I guess the Israelis have yet to encounter the prowess of the Umno Youth and their Private Khairy.

Alas, if only Private Khairy and his Umno cadres were not busy spending their time having to dodge questions about APCO and dealing with other pressing political scandals here at home, they could well have been on the last flotilla. Then, surely the Israeli commandos would have been scared out of their wits and run for cover rather than intercept the ships.
Perhaps there is still a possibility that Private Khairy will get a chance to exhibit his military genius and bring about the demise of the Israeli regime.

With warriors like Private Khairy on their side, surely the Palestinians will be delivered to their promise land.

G. Krishnan