Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brothers and Sisters, It’s About MS Not SM!

What’s the matter with these Barisan Nasional guys? Several weeks back we heard from MIC’s S. Subramaniam that Indians are not marginalised. Now we find Najib confessing to the public in Permatang Pauh that the BN regime has initiated 'a special cabinet committee' to 'look after the well-being' of Indians. If the Indians are not marginalised as the regime and its MIC patsy have claimed all along, why this apparent need for a committee?

I recall Najib also admonishing against racial politics in the impending Permatang Pauh by-election. Well, I’m sure if you’re reading this piece, you’re also quite a discerning observer of current affairs in the country. I’ll leave it up to your good judgement to draw your conclusions about the BN and racial politics.

However, I do have to make a couple more observations about the scrap metal licenses that Najib was trying to dangle at Indian voters in Permatang Pauh. If you’ve been following many of the comments on blogs and on Malaysiakini, you’ll know that much has been said about Najib’s ‘fine gesture’ to the Indian voters. I too, in a previous posting, had some observations on the matter.

There’s obviously no rescuing those who continue to blindly put their faith in the MIC and Samy Vellu. Whether Najib’s Umno throws them scrap metal licenses or rotten eggs, they’re going to sing BN’s praises. What these people will never get is that the people’s craving for genuine change in how we pursue the nation’s dreams has become an issue about morality, not about petty enticements, scraps and crumbs being dished out to co-opt voters.

So while I realise that a leopard cannot change its spots, let me – just as my civic contribution – alert those who may still be sitting on the fence that perhaps a most constructive way to envision the new Malaysia the many are calling for is to realise that it is about Makal Shakti, not Scrap Metal!

Makal Shakti gives us inspiration to rise to our challenges. It inspires us to build a genuinely democratic Malaysia – where our voice matters, where our representatives and servants are held accountable, where the rights of all Malaysians are secure and unassailable; and not for sale.

Do you dare to dream about genuine democracy in Malaysia?

G. Krishnan