Monday, December 29, 2008

‘The Samy-Go-Round’ Ride: Religious Oppression in Terengganu?

“Clear the air.” So says Samy Vellu to Anwar Ibrahim, about the latter’s stand on the hudud issue. Short of doing so, the opposition would supposedly ‘risk massive protest, especially from the Indian community.’

Well, here’s a novelty and refreshing stance from Samy, don’t you think? Actually, in case it didn’t occur to you, I’m being facetious. But you do have to hand it to the man; he does find a way to repeatedly indulge in commentary – regardless of how transparently daft his remarks may be. I know many of you remain absolutely astounded at the man’s capacity for embarrassing himself.

But given that he’s provided us with another opportunity to further scrutinise his statements, for some distraction from your otherwise productive daily routine and reading pleasure, let me provide you with some light-hearted observations – though by no means unimportant.

So, Samy seems to be trying to sound alarmist about PAS’ apparent proclivity for hudud. So that we can be clear about Samy’s ‘credentials’ on defending the Indian community, perhaps he can first ‘clear the air’ for us about what his position is on the ‘929 Declaration.’ Surely, Samy knows what this declaration is all about? And since it was his dear Mahathir who proclaimed through this questionable declaration that Malaysia is ‘an Islamic state,’ I wonder if Samy and perhaps one of his ‘MIC communication team’ could help us understand why the MIC has been sheepish, to say the least, about that declaration? Mind you, the record will shown that it is Samy’s BN masters who have in fact been, more than any other singular entity, culpable in leading the country down that path of a theocracy. Ploys such as the 929 Declaration is precisely the kind of political opportunism that has done damage to the secular institutions of the country.

I was struck by Samy’s comment that Anwar’s failure to “clear the air” on the hudud affair “
would only prove that Anwar and the opposition were only taking the people on a long ride.” Let’s see if we can focus on some other relevant points about “taking the people for a long ride.” In particular, since Samy has brought up this point about taking others for a ride, I wonder if Samy could first “clear the air” for us about why his party has been so inept in resolving the issue about the systematic campaign by his BN to demolish Hindu temples? Perhaps Samy could also first “clear the air” why, as he alleges, “Hindu religious songs and cultures were allegedly barred from being practiced openly” in Terengganu – a state controlled by his BN regime!

Now, if there’s anything that risks, 'a massive protest, especially from the Indian community,' don’t you think it should be the fact that there is, allegedly and as claimed by Samy himself, religious suppression going on in Terengganu?!

Well, this came as ‘a revelation’ to me, that “Hindu religious songs and cultures were allegedly barred from being practiced openly” in Terengganu. Now you don’t suppose Samy is not aware that the state government in Terengganu is controlled by the BN, do you? You don’t suppose Samy or his ‘MIC communication team’ would care to explain why his BN is suppressing freedom of religion in Terengganu, do you? Indeed, don’t you think it would be more imperative that Samy - rather than Anwar – “clear the air” on this apparent suppression of freedom of religion being practiced in his BN controlled state?

I know if I was living in Terengganu, I’d certainly be more worried that the BN is suppressing Hindu religious songs from “being practiced openly” and I would want answers as to why this is happening! In fact, all fair-minded Malaysians should be demanding to know why is the BN government in Terengganu engaged in such practices as purported by Samy?! Further, I am shocked that while it has come to Samy’s attention that such suppression of freedom of religion is allegedly occurring in his BN controlled Terengganu and yet Samy himself has not taken this matter up with his BN ‘friends’!

I for one would prefer Samy or his propaganda team - ‘MIC communication team’ – to “clear the air” about this matter of religious oppression being practised in his BN controlled Terengganu. Could Samy’s apparent silence on this matter – as in the matter of the 929 Declaration – be symptomatic of Samy and the MIC, in his words, “taking the people for a long ride”?

I think - that after almost three decades of his monopoly of the MIC and having overseen the progressive deterioration of the status of Malaysian Indians – it is very clear who has taken the people for ‘a long ride.'

I call this ride “the Samy-go-round.” It leads to nowhere. Of course, if you’ve liked this 'long ride,' by all means, keep riding it....

G. Krishnan