Saturday, January 24, 2009

Another Asinine Rant

Not that you were necessarily anticipating that I would comment on the recent rant by this KK Eswaran character taking issue with individuals such as P Waythamoorthy and Denison Jayasooria for voicing criticisms against the BN regime. However, you might not be surprised either to see that I’ve found myself typing away a few choice words and thoughts for this KK fellow.

Mind you, not that I’m being presumptuous that the two aforementioned individuals who were on the receiving end of this KK fellow’s utter drivel are incapable of setting the record straight themselves. On the contrary, I’m sure they’re most capable of very articulately conveying their respective sentiments about KK if they’re so inclined.

My intent here is primarily to shed some more light for all to appreciate the absurdity and ridiculous hogwash from KK. In a pathetically transparent effort to muster brownie-points with the BN regime, we’re told that Waythamoorthy’s supposed “inconsiderate action” in India only tarnishes “the image of his own country” and for being “ungrateful ‘to the land he calls home.”

So since when has it become inconsiderate or unpatriotic to struggle for justice? As best I can tell, tens of thousands – if not millions - of Malaysians seem deeply sympathetic and identify with the cause taken up by Hindraf. And since when has the idea of struggling for the disenfranchised and marginalised necessarily become “inconsiderate action”? If this KK fellow seems bent out of shape that some who fundamentally disagree with his seeming appeasement and capitulation to his BN masters, then so be it. I don’t think KK is necessarily endowed with any special talents which somehow make him qualified to judge the patriotism or loyalty of any other citizen.

Speaking out against injustice – be it at home or abroad – is arguably a noble manifestation of patriotism. It is the spirit and act of striving for justice, rather than the capitulation in the face of that which is expedient, which rises to a higher level of morality.

In a seemingly self-righteous tone, this KK character proceeds to pontificate that “here is a proper way in approaching the government...and it is not by demonstration and taking to the streets.”

Perhaps KK might want to part some of this advice about not “taking to the streets” to some of his own UMNO masters. As I recall, fairly recently, Khairy and other notable UMNOputeras were “taking to the streets” protesting about the conflict in Gaza. And I know that this is only one obvious case in point. I’m sure you readers can recall multiple cases of UMNOputeras “taking to the streets” on other occasions as well. Now you don’t suppose the BN regime and a patsy like KK necessarily looks upon those instances of “taking to the streets,” so to speak, as not “a proper way,” do you?

Perhaps these UMNOputeras and their lackeys like this KK character can learn to swallow some of their own medicine before they get their face in front of a microphone and try to preach to others. Given that he was practically oozing with blind faith in his kissing-up to his UMNOputera masters, perhaps he could be forgiven for this minor inconsistency in his rant against others.

And by the way, if it weren't for demonstrations, we may never have had the chance to know who were the culprits behind Kugan's killing. We may have had to settle for a major cover-up. Go tell that to Kugan's mother and family that "taking to the streets" is not "a proper way."

Struggling for a just cause is "a proper way." Having so-called leaders shamefully hiding for political cover in the face of brutality against the people is not "a proper way."

There are few things more pathetic than an overinflated ego. But in my book, it would be an overinflated ego wrapped up in simple-mindedness and wretched mediocrity.

G. Krishnan