Friday, January 23, 2009

What? Murder, ah!?

Can you imagine it? Who would have thought so, ah? I’m sure it never even occurred to you, right, that Kugan Ananthan might have actually been murdered by one or more police personnel? Well, after all it was reported that the post-mortem report claimed that Kugan died “due to fluid in his lungs” what!

How shocking! So he may not have died of “fluid in his lungs" after all. But does the police do these kinds of things, ah? And imagine if the public had not made a big fuss about the incident – imagine that! This would be another one of those ‘deaths while in police custody’ that has become a national epidemic of sorts.

And by the way, if the cause of Kugan’s death turns out to be anything other than “fluid in the lungs,” and especially if there is evidence of foul play, it is about time that the law also be brought to bear on the medical doctor who conducted the original post-mortem. Does this not potentially amount to an act of falsifying a medical report? Surely there must be some accountability if this is the case? Surely we cannot allow such immoral, unethical and seemingly criminal cover-up to go un-punished! If the medical personnel involved had any part in knowingly falsifying records or the post-mortem report that might well amount to being an accessory after the fact by abetting in a cover-up.

It is incumbent that those who are suspected to have committed criminal acts – regardless of their profession – be dealt with accordingly. Otherwise, the justice system itself is guilty of being criminal.

G. Krishnan