Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Caught With Their Pants Down

Apparently, “the cabinet was upset” that Hindraf had undermined the regime’s image abroad and wants the MIC to address this perception problem. Commenting on the matter, the MIC’s secretary-general S. Subramaniam is quoted as saying: "We are deeply concerned with Waythamoorthy's actions as it will bring harmful effects to what we have worked for and achieved during the past several months."

So it looks like the MIC has yet again been caught off guard by Hindraf. It appears that the UMNO BN master has not been too pleased with Samy Vellu’s ‘MIC communication team’ being out-done in the public relations war by its nemesis.

Poor thing. Sooo Sad. This is somewhat embarrassing, no?

I can only imagine how uncomfortable this must have been for Samy and Subramaniam, no? Going to India to attend a major international conference with other ‘big-shot’ Indians from all over the world, and not having their famous “communication team” prepared with their propaganda! This is very surprising indeed. After all, Samy’s “MIC communication team” is renowned here at home. It seems to work wonders for Samy Vellu. Oops, or am I thinking of his “other communication team”? Oh, ya la. I often get the two mixed-up, man. I’m thinking of his “body guards” la. Silly me, That’s the really efficient “communication team” I was thinking of.

Sorry, ah!

But this other public relations “communication team” is also very famous, what! Well, maybe they’ll get to work quickly now and really try to impress you and I with “the correct picture.” Notice from the above quote from Subramaniam that the MIC is concerned that Hindraf’s actions “will bring harmful effect to what we have worked and achieved during the past several months.”

So MIC has “achieved” in the “past several months”! Hey, I wonder why he’s only referring to MIC’s achievements “during the past several months”? I thought Samy and Subramaniam’s MIC has always been achieving what! In fact, they’ve achieved so much for the Indians we have over-achieved, no? It seems the MIC was achieving so much that it never bothered to acknowledge that Indians were marginalised!

You know, I wonder why these MIC people only started to worry in “the past several months” that Indians may be badly lagging behind the rest of the population and that something needed to be done? Was the MIC too busy deciding on tenders for AIMST University that it was too incompetent to focus on other issues, is it? Or was it too wrapped-up with other irregularities such as in Maika Holdings? No, I’m sure these were just some minor distractions and in no way affected the tremendous way in which the MIC was uplifting the vast majority of Indians in the country to heights they’d never reached before – let alone imagined!

Yes, I hope the MIC will properly counter the so-called “lies” of Hindraf with their own "correct picture." Yes, we have only ever gotten "the correct picture" from the MIC; nothing else. Let’s hear about the many scholarships the MIC has gotten for Indians and the hundreds of Indians it has placed in civil service positions. Oh, yes. This is what the Indians are restless for.

What would we be without the MIC…I can only imagine!

G. Krishnan