Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pak Terror Schools: Women Welcome

Here’s one way to gauge the difference between fundamentalist terrorist and ‘moderate’ terrorists I suppose. In contrast to the Taliban brand of terrorist who are renowned for their extreme and violent measures to deny girls and women an education, the Pakistani regime can be seen as rather novel: they prefer to “educate” women for terrorism!

(I’m still pondering which of the above two attitudes toward ‘women’s education’ is more despicable….) Anway, as I continue to be perplexed on this one, below is the report from Times of India that got me wondering:

Security forces in Jammu & Kashmir have found the new face of terror. During an interrogation of a woman arrested last week by the J&K police for providing logistics support for the JeM and Let militants, it was revealed that Pakistan's ISI is reportedly inducting women into militancy.

TV reports suggest that ISI is adopting a new ploy and training woman to carry out militant attacks. During interrogation of an alleged ISI agent arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir police, she confessed that she was trained by the ISI in the Bhiber and Kotli forests in the Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK).

The video footage shows Asiya Malik - a woman militant, revealing that about 100 girls are being trained in terrorist camps financed by ISI in PoK to carry out militant activities in Jammu and Kashmir.

In her recorded conversation, Malik reveals how Pakistani girls are being trained in the handling of weapons, explosives, jungle warfare and sabotage activities. She said the women are being trained in two militant training camps in Bhimber and Kotli areas across the Line of Control in PoK.

"I've seen the Mujahideen training camps. Women are also being trained here. Right now, there are about 700 women receiving arms training in different militant camps run by the ISI. These women are also provided with terror literature and taught how to use small arms like guns & grenades," she said in a recorded confession.

Malik also told interrogators that the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI was financing these training camps and that the recruits come from various countries including Saudi Arabia.