Monday, January 26, 2009

Priceless Words from Subra ‘BN is very fair’ maniam

Apparently, Subramaniam of the MIC is quoted to have said, “The capabilities of the interrogation and investigation personnel in the police force should be enhanced to ensure that they be accountable and be professional in the conduct of the investigations at all times.”


Yes ah, Subramaniam, the police should conduct interrogations professionally? Oisay, I’m so glad you came forward with this advice, man. What timely brilliant words of wisdom.

Wow, what a profound piece of advice! But then, we know that whenever the MIC leadership mutters anything, it tends to be piercingly insightful and deep. Much like when you made the philosophically nuanced and penetrating observation that Indians are not marginalised and the BN regime is “very fair.” And of course we all were not only impressed and enlightened, it surely made us all feel a profound sense of satisfaction at the tireless and enduring commitment of the UMNOputeras toward uplifting the Indians over the past thirty years.

You know, now that I think about your advice to the police, ah, it reminds me of the other great words of wisdom we know, such as…

parents should teach their children good manners;
politicians should conduct themselves ethically and not practice race-baiting;
doctors should treat their patients with respect and dignity (oh, while at it, they should not falsify post-mortem reports);
we should be respectful of our parents and elders;
Grandmothers should love their grandchildren….

I mean I can’t even begin to say just how original and noteworthy your words of advice will be to the police - as opposed to what almost everyone else must be thinking; that is, the police should be conducting interrogations unprofessionally. Your originality of thought and insight is inspiring!
You think maybe the police would be so moved that the IGP might consider including this in their training manual for their recruits? I’m sure they’ve never even imagined before that professionalism would be such a wonderful thing for their constables to learn.

It is moments like these when we fortunate Malaysians get to hear from profound leaders such as yourself that we realise exactly how blessed we are that we have individuals capable of such brilliant insights in positions of prominence.

To have you further call for an independent investigation simply drives home the point I’m making. I mean thank you for such a penetrating observation. Indeed, now that I think about it, suggesting that an “independent investigation” should be conducted of course reminds me of how - in a similar manner - your MIC is conducting an “independent investigation" into the scandal regarding tenders and contracts.

There is no doubt the police authorities should heed your advice and follow the example of your renowned and celebrated MIC leader in setting up the panel he has to look into the MIC scandal. After all, your MIC is expert on “independently” investigating itself. And the same way that you try to restore public confidence in MIC by showing us how you can conduct “independent” investigations by investigating yourselves, I’m sure the police also will be equally equipped to do so in its effort to reassure the pubic through its “independent” inquiries.

Surely, the police cannot go astray in heeding your words of wisdom and guidance.

Brilliant…simply brilliant.

G. Krishnan