Monday, January 5, 2009

Welcome to ‘Samy-land’!

How does it feel so far my dear MIC fans? Enjoying ‘the Samy-Go-Round,’ are we? For those of you who are newcomers to this wonderland, “welcome to Samy-land!” And for those of you been here before, let me also welcome you back! Surely you’ve come back for more because the surprises at ‘Samy-land’ will always amaze you!

If you’re not yet familiar with the MIC’s latest rendition of ‘the Samy-Go-Round,’ let me tell you about this exciting adventure! According to Malaysiakini, “heads are expected to roll” with revelations of the latest “scandal” surrounding the “alleged irregularities in the awarding of contracts for maintenance of the party-run AIMST University.”

Oh, what excitement! What entertainment! Indeed, what an experience! Not even the ‘MIC communication team’ could dream up this kind of publicity for the main attraction at ‘Samy-land’.

Just in case, I want to make sure you don’t miss the main highlights of the latest revelations.

First, note that “Samy Vellu has since set up a three-member panel to investigate the alleged irregularities in awarding three of the five contracts, which he claimed had been given out at an inflated value.” But note that “the probe will not cover the contracts awarded for the grass-cutting services and canteen operations,” which allegedly the educational arm of the MIC, the MIED, “was instructed to revoke” and instead “its managers were told to reassign these to persons close to MIC president S Samy Vellu.”

Now, that’s the magic of ‘Samy-land’! You order an inquiry into “alleged irregularities” but not on the awarding of the two contracts allegedly part of the scandal linked to Samy himself!

Surprised?! Hey, that’s what’s magical about ‘Samy-land’! Now, in case you’re wondering, did his so-called ‘body guards’ send any ‘messages’ to anyone about being ‘finished’ if they went against Samy, in this instance, there has been no allegation of such to have surfaced.

Oh, and about the three-member panel to investigate the alleged irregularities, here’s another surprise for you…are you ready?

The panel is set up by Samy himself! Amazing!! Yes, wouldn’t you know it! Oh, yes, that’s what ‘Samy-land’ is all about! It never ceases to amaze! Wait till you see the findings of this ‘three-member panel’! (That’s if we ever get there!) Imagine what they will uncover!

Remember to enjoy your stay at ‘Samy-land,’ and don’t forget the main attraction, ‘the Samy-Go-Round’ – yes, the infamous ride to nowhere!

G. Krishnan