Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Beg You, Najib – Pick an MIC Candidate

Come on Najib, surely this decision on who will be the Barisan Nasional candidate in Bukit Selambau by-election is in your hands. Of course given that the MIC has had some history in this constituency, it seems they’re interested in having one of their candidates nominated to be the BN candidate.

Well, I’m writing to plead with you, Najib, please la, select the MIC's nominee - whoever it happens to be; I'm sure the person will be the perfect candidate. You see, I’m sure the MIC will do really well, you know. After all, they’ve had almost a year now of re-branding themselves and I’m sure nobody in Bukit Selambau will even recognise the old incompetent MIC party anymore. I am sure the MIC candidate will easily close the 2300 vote margin by which its candidate lost the last election and will in fact easily win with at least as wide a margin of vote as that loss in 2008.

Surely you’ll agree it’s hard to imagine how a non-MIC BN candidate could win the seat back for BN. I know after events such as the murder of Kugan, the general contempt for addressing Indians’ grievances, the screw-ups with management of AIMST University, the charade with expelling and silencing Samy’s critics in the MIC, the debacle with Samy Vellu's 'communication team' allegedly threatening a journalist and cameraman, its repeated insistence that Indians are not marginalised or discriminated, and not to mention the recent drivel from this KK Eswaran fellow - how can the MIC go wrong? Such publicity will simply do wonders for the MIC and BN in Bukit Selambau.

After all, we know what the MIC can accomplish for Indians – in fact, I’m sure it’ll be very proud to claim something like it helped build Tamil schools, improved infrastructure and amenities for the people. Hey! What do you know? Actually, that’s what this Saravanan fellow of the MIC apparently claimed.

Wow, am I a genius or what? I knew exactly which card the MIC would play. But this is not about me trying to impress you – it’s about the MIC. So, to get back to the issue at hand, let us appreciate that the MIC’s record has been spectacular – and we know that the PKR have done nothing for the past 10 months for this constituency in Kedah; unlike all the wonderful progress the MIC made for some many years when the seat was in its control. So of course the constituents of Bukit Selambau were foolish to throw out the MIC’s choice in the last election. But I’m sure they won’t do the same again, la. Frankly they truly love the MIC. I mean how could they not?

Don’t listen to all those pessimists who claim the MIC has truly become an utter mess and is discredited among Indian voters. It’s not true, la. I mean after all the MIC helped make sure BN was not totally humiliated in Permatang Pauh, it also did a wonderful job of getting Indians to come out and fully support the UMNO candidate in the KT by-election. Looks like the time has now come, Najib – I suspect Samy Vellu even feels it in his bones, as do I, that this is the MIC’s moment.

You know the MIC will come through with flying colours again. You’ll have a winner in your hands.

Trust me.

G. Krishnan