Monday, March 30, 2009

Bukit Selambau

It’s charming, welcoming, and the people genuine
they will tell you, in their colloquial grace
misconceptions to the contrary, it’s quite fine
it has a rich tradition, of not being taken
or bought into collusion
the richness of its character is equalled
only by the wholesomeness of its air
but contaminated it was by the brutishness of power

Never once did Bukit Selambua provoke
Yet, the Man felt the need to invoke… force that is,
the people merely gathered for a cheramah
but the Man wanted it be known,
his power must not be opposed,
So the drama

Now comes Samy with his latest design
offering an olive branch and a smile
only we know, much of what has been done to us
…is nothing less than vile
how are we to forget the promises repeatedly shattered
the neglect shown by the powers has been but contempt
yet they expect us to believe they are with good intent

I bid you to ask, what’s different this time?
what? must we give blind trust?
what is their intent? is it power that they lust?
Bukit Selambau is a gush
but see through we must their camouflage

G. Krishnan