Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fools Are We?

Samy V calls his Bukit Selambau man ‘a worthy choice.’
so we’re to support the MIC?

Doled out RM$350,000 for the Tamil school
It speaks volumes of how they perceive us
as no more mature and morally infantile
I suppose it’s to appeal yet once more to us
as if we are just simply gullible and juvenile

Our fellow citizens are abused and tortured,
but that doesn’t seem to matter. Like Kugan,
they might even be throttled and murdered
but the MIC thinks its RM$350,000 that matters

Our citizens have been financially milked,
squeezed of their savings, earnings, and dreams,
while Vell Paari’s so-called philanthropy remains a mystery
but it seems to Samy V and the MIC that
RM$350,000 for the Tamil school is worth our dignity

Scandals abound in the MIC, chaos is all that prevails
dysfunction and ineptitude seems to be their de facto motto
as they hog the spoils for their own tomorrow
but with RM$350,000 they assume we are just hollow
and will continue to prolong our own sorrow

Democracy! democracy! they cry, how we cherish thee
so long as we can make sure that nobody else shall be, but Samy V
because that’s what the MIC says its rules shall be
and they assume RM$350,000 will suffice to lure you and me

We’ve seen this game about Tamil schools
they only continue to abuse our dignity
our children continue to be pawns and we the fools
if we acquiesce and stoop to their mentality

G. Krishnan