Sunday, June 14, 2009

Only in Malaysia

Only in Malaysia could a case of alleged domestic violence, spousal abuse, and potential forced sexual abuse be considered ‘a private matter.’ Of course the reason why this may be deemed so by some is a whole different matter which we need no get into. Suffice it to say that our politicians have a tendency to think the average citizens are truly morons.

Only in Malaysia could racist oriented parties such as MCA and MIC, which have been complicit, and condoned and affirmed racist policies and quotas, have the audacity to challenge genuinely secular and non-racist parties such as DAP to explain themselves for aligning with a party like PAS. Yes, it is another one of those examples where these MCA and MIC politicians take us for morons.

What baffles me is why exactly does the MCA or MIC - after having sat back and given in to every racist program put forth by Umno – think they have any credibility to question the credentials of DAP as a non-racist and secular party. But then again, this is Malaysia.

Only in Malaysia can people holding a peaceful candlelight vigil get arrested and manhandled for illegal assembly, while a racist, illegal mob is allowed to shout down a peaceful legal forum and allowed to threaten to storm the Bar Council to interrupt a lawful gathering.

Only in Malaysia can a citizen be denied his rights because of his past communist activities but our politicians can have warm cozy diplomatic relations with the very communist country touted to be behind the past communist insurgency activities which afflicted us.

Only in Malaysia will we find that a government mouthpiece can publish various outlandish and racist remarks in its publication and merely receive an admonishing from the regime, while those who speak for equality and fairness are charged for being seditious. The powers that be must truly have convinced themselves that we the rakyat are indeed morons.

Only in Malaysia will you find our politicians preaching excellence in higher education, and international competitiveness of our industries and work force, but doing just about everything conceivable to undermine the importance of the English language. Well, the irony, in this respect, is that in the process of undermining our citizens’ grasp of the English language, we find it quite agreeable to nonetheless bastardize all sorts of English words in order to create Malay words where they were once non-existent. Perhaps you’ve heard of the old saying: Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Only in Malaysia can people talk of 1Malaysia while they practice apartheid.

Aiyoo, gua tak mau ingat lagi la.

G. Krishnan