Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Wretched Nobody

I finally found myself agreeing with Mahathir when he referred to himself as “a nobody.”

I suppose it goes to show that even two infinitely different minded people can agree on at least one thing.

Mind you, for someone who has never found anything this ‘nobody’ has said and done agreeable, I found myself instantly concurring with how he labeled himself. I thought to myself: ‘Finally, an accurate observation from this man.’ Needless to say I was surprised that he was capable of such an insightful observation. But then I suppose we are all capable, eventually, of making at least one correct observation. And it seemed to me that the man had finally managed one such observation. Of all the quotes I’ve come across, this will be a memorable one, even surpassing the many from over the years by his good comrade and the legend of quotes, Samy Vellu.

Incidentally, I got a chuckle discovering that this ‘nobody’ was taking potshots at Lee Kuan Yew. What a pathetic and sorry stunt indeed. It comes as no surprise to me and is quite consistent with what we know about this ‘nobody.’ Of course, nothing the ‘nobody’ had to say with respect to Lee was in any manner agreeable to me. Indeed, given how little I’ve agreed with the ‘nobody,’ it would be far too much for me to take had I found any sliver of his ramblings about Lee agreeable.

Let’s just say, it seems from all accounts that the distinguished Lee got a tremendous welcome in Malaysia. And if you ask me, ‘nobody’ could only dream of such a warm and respected reception in the ‘Middle Kingdom’ south of the Johor Straits.

And that, speaks volumes about the ‘nobody.’

G. Krishnan