Tuesday, June 23, 2009

‘Orang Asing’ Bodoh, ka?

Listen you ‘orang asing’ and ‘pendatangs,’ it’s no big deal if a man attended a rally in 1987 and riled up ethnic sentiments. So what? The fact that he did so at a tense time in our nation’s history is no crime, is it? We’re all entitled to express our views. Why does it matter if he attended a rally where clearly there were racist banners and bigots intent on sending a not so subtle message to you ‘pendatangs’? Did he say: “I’ll soak my keris in Chinese blood.”? Apparently not – there’s no proof of that. What can he do if others there were sending this kind of intimidating message?

Well, think about it, ah. What if you go to a rally where you’re being anticipated as one of the key speakers and figures to be in attendance and there happen to be Nazis present cheering you on? Are you responsible for the fact that they are enthusiastic about you? Are you responsible for the racist, intimidating, and provocative banners they may have put up? Come on, la. No, right? Exactly! Should you be criticised by decent-minded people for showing poor judgment by choosing to not only attend but address such an audience? Well, maybe you didn’t know enough about the situation before going to the rally, right? Now some people think, well, but once you’re there at the rally and can see the communist or Nazis in their full glory, should you not object to their provocation? I think its fine to address them and have them cheer you on so long as you don’t repeat the same words on their inciting banners and lips.

As I said: If you didn’t say anything to incite racial hate or repeat the racist words on the banners of the Nazis in attendance, what’s the harm? Surely, the racists in the crowd who put up the banners cannot assume that because – as a leader at the rally – you did not object to their blatantly racist messages means that you tacitly approve of their sentiments? How can you be criticised for being complicit in the vile and despicable sentiments of the Nazis, right?

How can anybody accuse you of having done anything remotely resembling poor judgment; or how dare they even accuse you of indulging in sinister actions designed to intimidate another ethnic group? It makes no sense. I say it’s fine to attend a rally and speak of your group’s so-called ‘unity’ and ‘interests’ – and do nothing to stop or object that the racists with their despicable banners at the rally are cheering you on and agreeing with you.

Same thing with 1987, la. As long as this person concerned didn’t personally - out of his own mouth - say he’ll soak his keris in Chinese blood, then he has nothing to apologise for, right? Wouldn’t it be too much to expect this person to do the decent thing and stop others from indulging in race-bating and racist rhetoric? True to the Umno tradition, that’s not his role as a so-called leader. Quite the contrary.

By the way, don't you think you 'orang asing,' as the bigots tend to call us, can also have a rally like the one by the Umno Youth in 1987? Sure can! I'm sure you can also have racist and hate-laden banners and there would be no problem. In fact, this the recent DAP fund-raiser where 3000 police personnel apparently showed up - should not be any reflection on how tolerant the Umno cabal is when it comes to defending free speech and lawful gatherings.

Why are so many of you ‘orang asing’ so clueless, ah?

G. Krishnan