Friday, June 19, 2009

What’s Wrong With You Chinese?

Amazing isn’t it how the Indians suddenly seem to be doing so well? In recent months, every few day there seems to be a splash in the mainstream media about the MIC doing something or another for its Indians. One day it might be rushing to a neighbourhood where the sewer pipes may have burst or a sinkhole may have developed under someone’s home. Another day it might be a story of some MIC official pandering to some Indian traders in Brickfields or some other such Indian neighbourhood. More recently we have seen one mainstream newspaper do a big spread with a photo of the MIC having channelled RM30,000 for a Tamil school library! Wow! Just imagine.

It’s truly incredible how efficient these MIC people are. How come we don’t hear about the MCA doing such wonderful things for its people, ah? Are they that disconnected from their people? What la you Chinese. You should learn from us Indians, man. See how the MIC is not just a political party, you know. It’s actually more like a NGO, la. They do charity work, community service, and even get funds for renovating a Tamil school library. How come we don’t see your MCA doing such incredible things?

Actually, I would venture to guess there are not many political parties out there that can claim to be as effective as the MIC, you know. I tell you, if anyone needs to statrt a small business or needs a loan to study, you must call Samy Vellu, la. Surely you’ll get him and the MIC to help you. After all, if you follow the reports in the mainstream media, they’ve got to be one of the most prolific social welfare agencies around.

By the way, how come your Chinese schools don’t seem to need their libraries renovated, one ah? How come I don’t see MCA or even Gerakan officials posing with Chinese kids in schools or with poor Chinese mothers living in shacks? Are these MCA and Gerakan clowns all asleep, ah? I tell you, it is time you all took a page from Samy Vellu’s MIC and learned from the master how to do things right. Imagine, one of your Chinese schools might also be so fortunate and get RM30,000 for renovating their library.

I’m sure if the MCA and Gerakan people just asked Samy and his army how they do it, the latter would be most willing to give you people a few tips. After all, you too got smacked by the voters in the last general election what! Haven’t you learned anything? The way to win back the public’s support is to do big spreads in the mainstream media showing vernacular schools getting their dilapidated toilets, broken windows or roofs repaired and such. How come your Chinese schools don’t have broken toilets, ah?

Come on, get your people moving with their BN propaganda programme!

G. Krishnan