Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gutter Politics Breeds Stupid Politics

“If you don’t like it here, you can go back to China or India. Or maybe you can go to Australia – a lot of your people go there. Remember, this country is called Tanah Melayu.”

The above is the kind of sentiment I regard as associated with what I call ‘stupid politics.’ To put it simply, it is the stupidity I have come across and seen expressed time and again from what is evidently the kind of intelligence (or more precisely, the lack thereof) conveyed by some of the most pathetic of the rank-and-file Umno apologists who have no grasp of historical facts and whose intellect is, sadly, practically non existent.

Unfair? No, I’m just being brutally honest. Frankly, I’m tired of such ‘stupid politics,’ which is bred and nurtured by the ‘gutter politics’ practiced by various Umno politicians. Indeed, I am even amazed that some, like Ku Li, think that Umno is salvageable; that it can be rescued and restored to its true founding principles.

‘Stupid politics,’ the politics which gives us: ‘you people should be grateful we gave you citizenship’, has come to epitomize Umno’s quest to resurrect its political fortunes. And such stupid politics is being nurtured, fostered, and exploited by Umno’s ‘gutter politics.’

‘Gutter politics,’ the kind which seeks to instill fear and which takes race-baiting to new levels makes disgustingly insidious, yet blatantly dubious claims of supposedly preserving the Malay race safeguarding Islam, has been the impetus and impulsion for the nonsense spewed through ‘stupid politics.’

We see it time and again and we see it in many forms. While some are invariably predisposed to such thinking and unable to transcend such shallow, juvenile, and yet pathetically flawed ignorance, others remain easily susceptible to its emotional appeal. Yet, they remain blind to this kind of toxic poison and its inherent destructiveness.

Those in Umno and BN who remain in denial about this and, perhaps worse, who thrive on fostering ‘gutter politics’ and ‘stupid politics’ do so with a contempt for the bedrock principles the should guide our system of governance.

And we all know too well that you’ll not find those fostering ‘gutter politics’ – and its child - stupid politics’, ever being held accountable.

After all, ‘Umno accountability’ is an oxymoron.

G. Krishnan