Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ong Tee Keat, Not to Worry, la

Well, this latest revelation by Tiong King Sing that you, Ong Tee Keat, have received a ‘donation’ of RM10 million has sure descended on us like one of those sneaky raids by Bandaraya on hawkers in Petaling Street or Brickfields. But now that this has become a serious allegation and raises all kinds of ethical and legal questions about potential influence peddling, I wonder how long it will take the MACC to kick into action.

After all, they seem very efficient and on-the-task when it comes to investigating alleged inappropriate purchase of a karaoke set and such petty expenditures by the opposition, you’d think the MACC could have easily snuffed out this alleged ‘donation’ from the very get go.

Oh well, since they appear not to have, I equally doubt if they’ll know exactly what to do in this instance. After all, you’re a BN minister, not some garden-variety aide of some opposition politician.

So not to worry, la – even if the MACC invites you in for questioning, they probably will do it at a decent time of the day and not in the early evening. Oh yes, it will be an invitation to come to their office – I doubt if they’ll drag you in like some petty criminal. And nor will they keep you there late into the night or just have you lounge around after they’re done with you. And you can even bet every cent of the remaining RM10 million (if you did get the ‘donation of course), that you’ll not be harassed, verbally or physically abused, or tortured.

I know such financial scandals may not be something you’ve had much experience dealing with, so if you’re feeling a bit like a fish out of water, ah, just call Samy Vellu, la. I’m sure he’ll be glad to share some tips with you on how to handle such high profile financial scandals.

Just a bit of parting advice: If the MACC does happen to question you, just make sure you’re not close to any windows.

It never hurts to be a bit careful, ya?

G. Krishnan