Thursday, September 17, 2009

Slipper Spat: What if the Slipper Fits?

Seldom does one hear anything coming out of the mouth of an MIC patsy that happens to make sense. But every now and then, you get a gem. I find it puzzling indeed that the slipper spat has boomeranged to hit M. Sukumaran in the face instead.

We all know that Sukumaran’s apology has been prompted by the political pressure from the Mukhriz and Umno bandwagon and to me, this is but another episode that illustrates exactly how impotent the MIC truly is.

The ‘garland of slipper’ comment symbolized and conveyed one man’s perspective about Mahathir. It reflected the man’s view about just how much he respected (or did not respect) Mahathir – who incidentally, has previously caricatured himself as ‘a nobody.’ It seems to me, we all are entitled, are we not, to have our views – and to be able to express them – on what we think about someone else without, of course, making false statements that might be slanderous or libelous. Sukumaran expressed his view in a manner – albeit not one that others might find agreeable – that conveyed his sentiment. That much he is entitled to do.

This is not essentially different in the many things Umno goons and others, including Mahathir himself has said about others over the years (and perhaps not as colourfully), which conveyed their not-so-favourable sentiments about someone else or some other group. Indeed, I’m often reminded of the many times that these Umno-types have disparaged and mocked, among others, members of the opposition including Anwar especially during the height of the first sodomy kangaroo trial.

If people are allowed to think, they are also entitled to express their non-defamatory and non-slanderous sentiments. Of course Sukumaran is also entitled to regret expressing his sentiment. But the cascading barrage of Umno political pressure and MIC cabal’s political devouring of Sukumaran should give us more pause for concern than anything else associated with this slipper spat.

This shows - once again - among other things, that the Umno cabal is rather efficient at taking swipes and flinging the metaphorical slipper at others, but when they happen to be on the receiving end of a slipper, they go like gangbusters to clam down politically.

G. Krishnan