Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let It Be Palanivel…Please, la!

Come on man, UMNO, please let MIC have their way this time, la. Why are you trying to sabotage poor Palanivel and the MIC? See ah, just because the MIC blew it the last time in Hulu Selangor doesn’t mean the voters don’t really care for him as a candidate, you know. After all, I’m sure all the MIC jokers will be head-over-heels about having one of their own, so to speak, on the ballot.

What? You don’t think Palanivel can win the seat for BN? What la, you…why so pessimistic, one? Aiyoo yoo, just try and see la; who knows the voters might really like him, you know. Who cares that Pakatan would really like to have their kampung boy challenged by our MIC joker. They’re just jealous la. They cannot even dream of having such a fantastic champion of the Indians as Palanivel. You know he’s spent just about his entire political career as Samy Vellu’s… well, let’s just say he’s really got great experience la.

Hey, and also, don’t be too worried that many of the Malay and Chinese voters are not too thrilled about Palanivel, okay? I know right now they must be looking at us in BN and thinking, what a bunch of clowns. Even though we’re having this really public bickering and in-fighting going on among ourselves, I think they will all do as Mukhriz says and express their appreciation for Dr. M and BN. Therefore, if we nominate Palanivel, they will sure express their thanks and vote BN la. After all, Samy was Dr. M’s servant, ehm.. I mean minister what; and Palanivel was a loyal…aah… ally of Samy. So see? The voters will express their thanks for Dr. M and vote for Palanivel. Just like old times again! After all, this is Hulu Selangor what! Get it? Hulu Selangor. It won’t be hard to get them to believe us that MIC has its act together – just as we did when Dr. M was in charge of BN. Just trust me, okay?

I know we have been saying that Pakatan is the one that is divided but we clearly have some serious problems, right? But let’s just pretend that the voters in Hulu Selangor are too foolish and naïve to know how bad things really are in our BN camp. We will all pretend that everything is elok only in BN – no problems, no sweat.

Once we nominate Palanivel, we can really bring out our usual tricks and easily make fools of the Hulu Selangor voters, la.

That’s how we’ll win, okay UMNO?


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